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ime Retail

Meeting the needs of Retail

Do you want more than Retail POS? ImeRetail is the essential multifunctional tool for running a retail business. It is a comprehensive retail solution that meets the needs of all retailers (from stand to supermarket), all commercial activities (clothing, footwear, food, etc.) and all modes of operation (self-service, department store, chain, franchise etc.). It is provided in cooperation with IME Pliroforiki Technology. Get it now and control your business!

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ime Retail
Integrated retail management

From screen layout and onLine connection to weighing machines to customer and inventory tracking.

Flexibility in installation and adaptability

​It operates autonomously or interconnected with WinEra ERP solution by Data Communication, being the front office retail solution in integrated enterprise resource management. It is open to further extensions with the gradual activation of operations according to the needs and evolution of the business.

Usability and functionality

Versatile, simple and friendly work environment for immediate familiarization of operators and minimization of the learning time.

Complete functionality

Screen Configuration, οnline connection to weighing machines and other peripheral devices, read barcode (quantity, price), import products directly from the shelf, operators - Cashier, customers - loyalty system, items - change cards, inventories.






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