Water & Vending S.A.

The company offers a wide range of water vending machines and relevant equipment

The company

Water & Vending is a trading company that sells coffee vending machines, standardized products and soft drinks.


In addition, it has water coolers and supplies for companies' kitchens.

Business Challenge

  • Need to monitor the financial situation of the company, as well as an overall control of its stocks
  • Online communication between the Central office and the Branch with possibility of autonomous operation if needed
  • Need to automatically update the application with sales and new customer data imported from sellers' hand-held portable devices
  • Tracking of different pricelists per customer

The solution

To meet the requirements of Water & Vending, WinEra ERP by Data Communication, a modern and flexible ERP system that fully meets the needs of a growing business enterprise, was chosen.


  • Secure transition from the old to the new information system. The transition included customer, vendor, and products' details
  • For online communication between the Central office and branch, the Remote Communication subsystem was chosen, which allows real-time, automatic updating of the remote terminal without requiring connection. Communication takes place via Internet, it is totally reliable, without requiring the movement of large volumes of data
  • The Portable Pricing subsystem was able to support remote portable billing and ordering devices. Data is exported to mobile devices, and then, upon their return, data is imported from the devices into the application
  • Through Multiple Price Lists, the company's need to keep different prices, even per party, was fully met. The section was completed with printed reports of price lists and discount policies
  • Customizing the embedded print forms of the application fully covered the reporting needs of the business
  • The implementation of the installation included the migration of data from older system, application and printing customization, as well as education of end-users


  • Through the Remote connection online communication between the Central office and the Branch has been achieved with possibility of autonomous operation as well
  • The Portable Pricing made it possible to update the pricing movements made by sellers from their portable terminals
  • With the wide variety of financial & statistical reports available in the application, Water & Vending's needs were fully met in relation to reporting and sales statistics
  • The company is now able to fully monitor the commercial policy it applies to its clientele



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