Epsilon Smart

Web invoicing app in fully compliance with AADE myDATA platform

Forget handwritten documents and paper payment blocks! Now you can issue and send your invoices electronically! You can also connect directly to AADE myDATA platform and to your accountant!  Epsilon Smart is a web invoicing app allowing you to easily and instantly create electronic invoices and send them via email. Aimed at freelancers and Small to Medium businesses, it works on PC, tablet and smartphone. It has the environment of a comprehensive commercial app and a unique competitive advantage: the online connection to your accounting software, be it Data Communication’s Academia Financials, or Epsilon Net’s Extra - Hyper.

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Increase Productivity

Create your business account in a minute and get a free trial for a month. Issue the first invoice with two simple clicks! Keep track of your profits, expenses and any other financial activity. Make good business decisions proactively, reduce your workload and boost your productivity!

Interact to myDATA platform

Issue your invoices electronically and transfer data to AADE myDATA platform easily, quickly, with reliability. In addition, Epsilon Net Group’s strong know-how ensures addition, the app’s immediate compliance to any change of legislation via constantly updated versions. Smart functionalities enable optimal eBook management.

Reduce Cost

Upgrade your business, simplify day-to-day operations and better communicate with your customers, keeping costs low. Work from a modern Web environment, from any device and from any operating system (Windows, iOS, Android) without customization costs, or hidden additional charges. Leverage the ability to choose between a monthly or an annual subscription for even better results.

Access your data any time

Organize your business in the cloud! Bill your customers any time they need, wherever you are, from your PC, the smartphone or your tablet. Rely on Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure to secure your sensitive data. Issue and send your customers’ invoices immediately. Find out more about their details and balance. Download Epsilon Smart app from the App store & Google Play Store for your iOS & Android devices.

Communicate directly

Connect to your accountant and automatically update your business data. Epsilon Smart has the capability to automatically send to the accounting software each saved invoice entry, freeing you from typing errors and your accountant from hand typed entries. By starting using the app, the company receives on line all Traders’ and Other Accounts transactions either from Data Communication’s apps (Academia Financials), or from Epsilon Net apps (Extra - Hyper) that the accountant keeps in office.

Vertical Solutions

Meet your business’ special needs with Epsilon Smart vertical versions. Issue service receipts and invoices tailored to your corporate id. Vertical solutions are aimed at Lawyers, Notaries, Doctors and professionals of the health sector, as well as Architects, Civil Engineers and Surveyors. The special needs of Hotels and companies activating in accommodation industry.






Epsilon Smart

Epsilon Smart

Choose an app adapted to your needs. Find out more about the solution that better that suits you!

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