Grecian Magnesite

Grecian Magnesite is a privately owned company established in 1959 as a mining and industrial concern

The company

The company Grecian Magnesite is a private mining and industrial company  founded in 1959 and specialized in magnesia. 


The company produces and sells caustic magnesia, divalent magnesia, raw sinter and basic monolithic refractories, with a wide range of qualities.


Grecian Magnesite is ranked among the top magnesia producers in the world with more than 340 employees and a turnover of approximately € 45 million (consolidated turnover of € 70 million). Especially for caustic magnesia, it is world leader in volume and range of uses.


The company's sales in European countries account for 75% of its turnover, while 8% are exported to America and the remaining 17% in Asia, Oceania and Africa.Today, Grecian Magnesite is a big, modern and successful company with significant know-how in the exploitation, processing and marketing of industrial minerals and significant growth of its activities outside Greece.

Business Challenge

In the context of its extrovert strategy, aiming at better organization and optimization of its commercial department processes, the company sought out a modern international Cloud CRM solution that ensures:

  • Complete mapping of the market and organization and recording of relevant competition information, customers and the worldwide Magnesite Market into a single base
  • Design of targeted marketing promotions

The solution

To satisfy the above needs, Grecian Magnesite addressed to Data Communication relying on its extensive experience and multi-faceted IT projects. The world's leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution was chosen and the below applications were implemented:

  • Sales subsystem for integrated sales process management
  • Customize customer and competitor entities to fully capture all information regarding their profile and classification
  • Overall monitoring of the company's staff and communications with other CRM entities (sales opportunities, customers, contacts, etc.) (tel, e-mail, meetings, etc.)
  • Use of CRM information for planning and conducting targeted promotions
  • Creation of dashboards for the presentation of critical business indicators that assist in assessing customer development activities and in making administrative decisions


The main benefits currently enjoyed by Grecian Magnesite are the following:

  • Full customer relationship monitoring
  • Sales growth, upward profitability and entry into new markets as a result of successful and targeted marketing campaigns
  • Increased sales opportunities  converted into orders due to the implementation of common sales opportunities management procedures
  • Comprehensive  management information regarding the course and development of customer segment development activities by the sales department


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