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A fast-growing B2B Service Provider, a multi-faceted and fast-growing B2B Service Provider, with a leading presence in South East Europe


The company

ICAP Group is a multi-faceted and fast-growing B2B Service Provider, with a leading presence in South East Europe, through 16 companies in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Serbia (which also covers the needs in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro).


With a clear strategy, a customer-centric approach, strong investments and new innovative services, ICAP Group is on a fast-paced track with both organic growth and acquisitions in Greece and abroad.


ICAP Group has 1,100 staff members with the experience and expertise, capabilities and enthusiasm to offer high-quality services to its customers. Additionally, the Group employs more than 2,500 employees on its customer facilities, through the Employment Solutions services.


Today, ICAP Group provides a very wide range of services, grouped into 4 major categories: Credit Risk Services, Marketing and Sales Solutions, Management Consulting and People & Employment Solutions.

Business Challenge

Due to the complexity of its business and its multi-partnership architecture, ICAP Group has sought a modern, advanced ERP system that would:

  • efficiently manage the multitude of financial data and information produced by the Organization to meet the needs of consolidated results 
  • provide extensive data analysis capabilities both at company and Group level
  • have extensive management reporting capabilities for all Group companies

The solution

To meet those requirements, ICAP Group addressed to Data Communication relying on its extensive experience of implementing projects on Microsoft platforms. Microsoft Dynamics NAV - InnovEra solution has been chosen for its top business management capabilities and complete alignment with the best international and Greek business practices.


The implementation involved the following subsystems:

  • Economic Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Supply Chain Management

At the same time, the system has been connected with other 3rd party systems (Microsoft CRM, Credit Organizer, BI, Payroll) for all 16 subsidiary companies.

With the release of Dynamics 365 Business Central, ICAP Group leverages the upgraded capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central - InnovEra. 


ICAP Group has fully exploited Dynamics 365 Business Central - InnovEra ERP capabilities as a comprehensive business information solution and the main support tool for the Group's Management Reporting.

Briefly, the benefits obtained by the Group were:

  • Making use of international best practices offered by Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Application of Greek best practices offered by Microsoft DC InnovEra ERP
  • High reliability of financial statements
  • Improvement of financial forecasts’ accuracy
  • Data integrity optimization
  • Implementation of practical data-driven decision making and acceleration of decision-making cycle
  • Providing a robust 360-degree view f how well the organization is functioning to inform the Management
  • Flexibility to adapt the system to the needs of the business

The system is expected to give the Organization high added value via the gradual integration of other companies abroad, making Dynamics 365 Business Central the central point of final concentration, elaboration and analysis of data & information, as well as production of consolidated consolidated financial statements.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV - InnovEra

The Greek localized version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018. Incorporating rich functionality, necessary to meet the best practices of Greek enterprises. For large & mid-sized companies.


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