Euromedica Arοgi Thessaloniki

A member of the Euromedica Group | An exemplary Medical Rehabilitation Center

The company

Euromedica Arοgi Thessaloniki, a member of the Euromedica Group, is an exemplary Medical Rehabilitation Center, providing high quality impatient and outpatient recovery/rehabilitation services. All services meet internationally accredited standards and cover a broad range of illness and disabilities.

Business Challenges

Euromedica Arοgi Thessaloniki asked for a 360° solution that would cover its complex and ever-increasing IT requirements and ensure the following:


  • Centralized monitoring of supply chain and reverses
  • Optimization and complete automation of all business and accounting processes
  • Document transactions to automatically update Accounting
  • Complete tracking of orders, consumptions and allowance by department
  • Complete tracking of medication, medical supplies and equipment by department
  • Accounting of receivables and liabilities
  • Integrating of the business management system with both the existing front office system and the new payroll system
  • Upgrade and 100% automation of all payroll processes
  • Customized reporting
  • Ensuring sensitive business data


The solution

To meet the above requirements, Euromedica Arοgi Thessaloniki chose Data Communication, Microsoft Gold Partner, based on its extensive experience in the implementation of integrated IT solutions for businesses of the private sector.

The adopted solutions were: 1) Data Communication’s WinEra ERP for the complete management and 100% automation of business and accounting processes 2) Premium HRM Payroll, a top payroll software with advanced functionality and unlimited customization capabilities. 


The following were implemented:


  • Data base customization according to the rehab center’s procedures and rules
  • Multiple warehouse creation
  • Direct access to data depicting item balance, expected /reserved  quantities and costs
  • Document parameterization by transaction type 
  • Integration with the center’s existing front office system, as well as with Premium HRM payroll
  • Automatic entry creation in ERP from the front office system and from Premium HRM
  • Automatic employee data migration from former payroll software.
  • Official Reports and automatic submissions to all tax and work supervising authorities 
  • Multiple level access per user; advanced encryption methods
  • Customized reporting 


After the project has been successfully delivered Euromedica Arοgi Thessaloniki benefits from:


  • Automation of critical business, accounting & HR processes
  • Rationalization   overall supply chain management
  • Integration of the center IT  infrastructure
  • Significant time management reduction for all business processes
  • Complete monitoring of medical consumptions by department
  • Immediate awareness of each department needs
  • Reduction of payroll calculation time
  • Rationalization and better use of payroll and human resources
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Data driven strategic decisions
  • Warranty for updated versions and instant compliance with current legislation


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