Missirian S.A. | Leaf Tobacco

Privately owned tobacco transformer specializing in oriental tobaccos

The company

Missirian S.A. is active in the field of processing and trading of oriental tobacco leaves.


The company has two production plants, one in Kavala and one in Bulgaria. It covers 35% of the Greek production and is one of the largest companies in the Greek market Missirian S.A. "intervenes at all stages of the product, from production to processing and marketing, with the aim of ensuring high quality.

Business Challenge

  • Employment 45 permanent employees and over 600 seasonal workers
  • High number of hires in a short period of time
  • Continuous re-hiring of employees 
  • A large number of schedules and shifts
  • Management of Attendance (Timer) and Project Management – Cost Centers

The solution

Missirian S.A. chose Data Communication and Premium HRM, a modern, integrated human resources management system that would enable it to function according to its needs.


  • Ability to re-hire and automatic connection for bulk submission of required forms
  • Online schedules and shifts, in combination with clocks and customization for easy monitoring and updating of the payroll, with the aim of reducing the errors
  • Use of the subsystem Projects – Cost Centres for costs allocation of costs and supply or activity cost determination


  • Direct update of application with each change of a constantly changing legislative environment
  • Ease of use due to the ergonomic design and the friendly environment
  • Saving valuable time by reducing the time of registration, recruitment and payroll data
  • Ability to manage employees of all employment categories
  • Easy and instant payroll update with attendance management (Timing)
  • Simplification of the procedure of calculation of payroll costs. Ability to quickly and easily visualize either individual or total cost for the entire business


HRΜ & Payroll |

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