Maritech Group

An engineering and manufacturing company, that delivers reliable, innovative and trouble free solutions to the shipping industry

The company

Maritech Group, established in 1977, is an engineering and manufacturing company, that delivers reliable, innovative and trouble free solutions to the shipping industry. The Group offers high-level technical services for the maintenance and proper operation of heat exchanger plates and fresh water generators, designing innovative maintenance systems and providing a wide range of spare parts.

Business Challenge

Maritech Group sought a robust ERP solution with expanded capabilities that would be tailored to its business growth and ensure:


  • Centralized management, optimization and full automation of all business processes
  • Continuous supplies and supply chain monitoring
  • Expanded reporting capabilities
  • Protection of sensitive business data

The solution

To meet the above requirements, Maritech Group addressed Data Communication relying on its extensive experience of implementing projects on Microsoft Dynamics platforms. Microsoft Dynamics NAV - InnovEra (ERP) solution has been chosen for its top business management capabilities and complete alignment with the best international and Greek business practices, as well as with Data Communication BI tool,  Business Analysis.

The implementation of the project included:

  • Integrated financial management, from Finance and Fixed Asset Management to Cash Flow Forecasts and Customer / Suppliers’ Balances
  • Full control of spare parts’ stocks
  • Direct and continuous information flow regarding Purchase & Sales Orders, on user’s Home screen ("personalized" views)
  • Comprehensive business insights via the creation of custom reports, leveraging application’s data through the integration with “Business Analysis” BI Tool
  • Multi-level security with multiple access levels per user


Briefly, Maritech Group benefits from:


  • International best practices offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Greek best practices offered by InnovEra add- on that fully applies to Greek business needs
  • Integrated financial management
  • Optimization of the provided services. More efficient customer service
  • Increased productivity
  • New growth opportunities
  • Comprehensive real-time insights to decision makers and the Group’s administration 


Microsoft Dynamics NAV - InnovEra

The Greek localized version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018. Incorporating rich functionality, necessary to meet the best practices of Greek enterprises. For large & mid-sized companies.


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