Erasitechnis Olympiakos SPF

Among the largest and oldest Greek sports clubs with a presence since 1925.

The company

Erasitechnis Olympiakos SPF (Olympiakos SFP) is among the largest and oldest Greek sports clubs with a presence since 1925. Whereas football and basketball evolved to professional teams over the years, Olympiakos SPF focuses successfully on the following sports: Men’s Volleyball, Women's Volleyball, Men's Polo, Women's Polo, Swimming, Track & Field, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Taekwondo, Sailing, Table Tennis, Rowing, Wrestling, Kayak, Tennis, Swordfighting. 
Oympiakos SFP is the first sports club in Greece to develop a membership program, aiming at the participation of its fans in sport events and is currently the largest club with more than 98,000 members. It has also launched the "Fan’s Card", acquired by more than 50,000 people.


Olympiakos SFP wanted a  powerful CRM software to ensure:


  • back office centralized Member & Fan monitoring 
  • optimal Financial Aid management 
  • high-level Fan Support 
  • CRM integration with the club’s new website and the Ticketing system 
  • Design and promotion of targeted marketing campaigns 
  • adoption of cutting edge technology

The solution

To meet the above requirements, Olympiakos SFP chose Data Communication, Microsoft Gold Partner, based on the company’s extensive experience in implementation of complex projects, as well as of integrated, interconnected solutions. The solution selected was Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM), Microsoft's world-class Customer Relationship Management system, where the following were implemented:


  • Development and customization of the functional areas of: 
    • Sales
    • Customer Service 
    • Marketing
  • Creation of complex bidirectional interfaces with:
    • the new website
    • the Ticketing system, in order for the system to collect Sales and Customer Service data

Incorporating a variety of specialized functions and tools, Dynamics 365 (CRM) provides the club the ability to:


  • manage and gain insight using all contact information
  • boost sales through targeted Marketing Campaigns and powerful reporting tools
  • provide upgraded services to the fans by linking to both the new website and the Ticketing system, simplifying the registration process, membership card acquisition and online ticket issuance


Olympiakos SPF benefits now from the following:


  • Process automation
  • Direct access -through a central system-  to its multiple and diverse data 
  • 360° monitoring of the overall picture of all active friends
  • Implementation and evaluation of targeted marketing campaigns
  • Improved fan experience
  • Integrated management of the various financial aids to the club
  • Top security at multiple levels, as required by the European GDPR regulation


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