Linea Strom

One of the top companies in the Greek mattress industry


The company

Linea Strom, one of the largest Greek manufacturers of mattresses and sleeping products, started its operation in 1957 with the manufacture of simple handmade cotton mattress.


Two decades later, the family business had gained an important place in modern Greek mattress manufacturing, with a complete network of Linea Strom stores.


Today, the company is housed in privately-owned facilities in the area of Acharnon, it has highly trained human resources, state-of-the-art technological equipment, with automatic production lines, constantly evolving its products, ensuring excellent quality of its products.

Business Challenge

Linea Strom sought a modern, reliable it solution that covers their business needs.


In particular:


  • Integration of its business and financial functions
  • Centralized monitoring of the financial processes of both the company itself and the wide network of its branches

The solution

To cover the above requirements, Linea Strom had chosen the integrated solution WinEra ERP of Data Communication.


The solution offered:


  • Automation of critical commercial and accounting procedures of both the company itself and the branch network
  • Effective and unrestricted management of Linea Strom's wealth of financial data and information
  • Optimize data integrity
  • Utilization of best practices of the Greek & international market
  • Unlimited information capabilities for strategic decision making through reporting tools & a number of standardized reports
  • Ensuring Linea Strom's sensitive business data through a highly reliable multi-level security system


  • Integrated management and automated processes
  • Collection of the organization's complex information into a single system and immediate use of it by users
  • A global, constantly updated picture of economic forecasts, requirements and obligations
  • Optimization & Strengthening of the overall sales management
  • More effective targeting & utilization of resources
  • Reduced operating costs



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