Interbanking Systems S.A. | DIAS SA

Interbanking systems aiming at developing and providing electronic payment services to benefit the Greek banking sector

The company

The company Interbanking Systems SA (DIAS) SA was founded on 28 June 1989. The shareholders of the company are credit institutions and the Bank of Greece.


DIAS has developed and operates the DIAS Payment System through which electronic interbank payments are transferred both domestically and cross-border.


DIAS in co-operation with banks develops payment services, targeting public organizations and private companies to modernize payments and benefit the national economy.

Business Challenge

  • Particular features of the company in terms of its function and purposes
  • Need for a modern payroll program with easy and fast operation
  • Need for simplification and automation of the procedures

The solution

For the needs of Interbanking Systems SA the installation of HR management systePremium HRM as well as the Business Analysis application were made.


  • Connection of Work Hours, Shifts in conjunction with clock and Vacations - Absences for easy payroll monitoring and updating
  • Exploiting the "Bank Link" subsystem for communicating with all the banks that the company deals with
  • Determination of costs for each selected year or period via the subsystem "Budgets"
  • Use of the subsystem "Projects – Cost Centres for costs allocation of costs and supply or activity cost determination. Using Business Analysis (BI) for creating any custom report, using the data available in the database of the application


  • Coverage of all the legislative changes in a friendly and easy to use environment
  • Easy and instant payroll update with attendance management (Timing)
  • Ability to monitor Employees' absences and to submit the required forms
  • Ability to manage employees of all employment categories
  • Simplification of the procedure of calculation of payroll costs.  Ability to quickly and easily visualize either the individual or the total cost for the entire business
  • Quick and easy information about estimated next year or a specific period's costs
  • Simplification and automation of procedures with additional applications and functional modules, such as: Bank Link, Budgets, Management of Cost Centers, Vacations-Absence Monitoring and, of course, the tool of Business Analysis


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