Kalogeropoulos Chemicals S.A. – Kalochem

A company with a strong presence in the chemical industry.

The company

Kalogeropoulos Chemicals S.A. – Kalochem is a company with a strong presence in the chemical industry, since 1975. Its main activity is i) trade of chemical materials and products used by chemical industry as raw materials, ii) production and distribution of a wide variety of powerful cleaning products for professional use, iii) trade of plant protection products, pesticides and fertilizers.


It is worth noting that the company is active in the retail sector operating a store in Piraeus.

Business challenge

Kalogeropoulos Chemicals S.A. – Kalochem asked for a modern, reliable ERP solution that would cover effectively the following challenges:


  • Digital upgrade and centralized management of both company activities, production and trade of chemical and plant protection products
  • Centralized supervision, optimization and complete automation of all business processes
  • Complete monitoring of the Production process and the company’s extensive Import activity 
  • Ensuring sensitive business data through a highly reliable multi-level security system

The solution

To meet the above requirements, Kalogeropoulos Chemicals S.A. – Kalochem chose Data Communication’s WinEra ERP, a modern and flexible ERP system that simplifies all business processes, fully adapting to its needs, while contributing to effective targeting and resources leveraging.


The solution offered:


  • Automation of critical business, accounting and production processes
  • Online communication between the Production Unit and the Piraeus store 
  • Complete monitoring of products and production orders
  • Control of complex Supply Chain and Import circuits
  • Direct access to data concerning balances, expected – booked quantities and costs
  • Reporting, customization and statistical analysis’ tools
  • Multi-level security


The main benefits that Kalogeropoulos Chemicals S.A. – Kalochem now enjoys are:


  • Reduced time for the collection of financial data and information
  • Reduced complexity for system operators having, directly, complete information
  • Optimized overall Sales Management 
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Unlimited information opportunities for making strategic decisions



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