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Officially accredited by the Greek Tax Authority

Epsilon Digital is an innovative, automated and highly trusted e-invoicing service, that interacts directly with myDATA AADE platform and ensures a company’s smooth transition to digital transformation. Transmitting Sales document data to AADE and to final recipients, it digitizes and automates all invoicing processes, such as invoice Verification, Approval and Archiving. In addition, it covers with security and validity the invoicing needs of all companies and industry sectors. Epsilon Digital is compatible with Epsilon Net Group’s apps (i.e. Epsilon Net’s PYLON, Epsilon Smart, PYLON SHOP, Hyper & Extra Accounting and Data Communication’s Dynamics 365 Business Central - InnovEra & Academia Financials) as well as with 3rd party software.

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Productivity Enhancement

Use Epsilon Digital to automate everyday tasks, such as invoice creation, tax marking, electronic archiving and invoice sending. Manage Revenues, Expenses and other sales documents quickly and safely. E-invoicing enables you to offer quality support to your customers, while boosting your business productivity and efficiency. 

Online Interaction

Issue your invoices electronically and transmit your data securely. Online interaction to AADE verifies the authenticity of the documents, the correctness of the content and the attachments. By using Epsilon Digital, you transmit your documents directly to the final recipient, while you are also given the opportunity to format them, according to the European data format.

Access from everywhere

Rely on an accredited service provider! Securely archive your files and search them on the go anytime, from any place, and any device: your PC, smartphone or tablet. Manage your documents, follow online and send them to your customers via SMS or Viber messages. Offer immediate solutions for your business and quick support to your customers. 

Cost Saving

Upgrade your business at a low cost! Simplify everyday tasks, communicate better with your customers, work from a modern environment and from any device! Epsilon digital e-invoicing does not require upgrade of your existing systems, or installation costs. In addition, it reduces operating costs, by providing automated processes, such invoice/document creation, sending and archiving. 


Attach files such as price lists or promotional material, and send them securely to your customers upon proof of delivery receipt. Ensure your business and your customers’ sensitive data with latest technology encryption tools, full compliance to GDPR regulations & ISO 27001/2013 standards.

High Compatibility

Automate your business invoicing process with security and validity, no matter what industry it belongs to. Epsilon Digital frees you from typing errors and handwritten entries. Compatible with all Epsilon Net Group’s apps, i.e. Epsilon Net’s PYLON, Epsilon Smart, PYLON SHOP, Hyper & Extra Accounting and Data Communication’s Dynamics 365 Business Central - InnovEra & Academia Financials, as well as with 3rd party systems.






Epsilon Digital

Digitize all invoicing processes and leverage numerous benefits!

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