PYLON Restaurant Hybrid

Management software for catering industry!

The ideal solution for the special needs of food and catering industry. From Restaurants, Taverns and Take away, to night Clubs, multi places and Conference rooms, PYLON Restaurant ensures your business efficiency and the best service to your customers. With rich functionality and friendly working environment, it comprehensively covers all the management needs of a single company or a centralized catering chain.

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Interaction with AADE

Comply to Greek e-book requirements and transmit your data to myDATA AADE platform, easily, quickly with absolute reliability. Rely on Epsilon Net Group’s technical know-how to ensure the immediate adaptation of PYLON Restaurant to any change in legislation via constantly updated versions

Flexible Management

Manage your business from any place and any device (PC, smartphone or tablet). PYLON Restaurant is easy to use and compatible with any operating system (Windows, iOS, Android). Issue and send your receipts immediately, leverage the benefits of wireless ordering and easily manage the specific operational needs of catering businesses, such as table change, waiter shift change, change of  payment methods, partial payment, etc.

Online Back-Office Integration

Rely on PYLON Restaurant’s effective integration with back office systems. Common database tables provide protection in transactions and in data transfer; with low maintenance costs, without additional hardware needs and immediate bidirectional interaction with all Back-office subsystems. PYLON Restaurant offers CRM and Loyalty (for campaigns, loyalty cards, point and event management), Business Management (for item price changing, auto consumables, warehouse-purchase-inventory tracking and sales update), Accounting and Payroll.

Multiple Activity Management

Does your restaurant offer delivery & take away services? Is your hotel offering meeting venues or hosting events? Is your retail store serving coffee? With PYLON Restaurant you can easily manage your business mixed operation! The innovation of switching screens allows you to fully cover all your business activities on a click, converting the screen to the format serving your current needs!

Smart Work Sections

Figure out how to ideally configure the workspaces served by your waiters, combining at the same time the respective product preparation centers. The smart work section function creates all the necessary automations to deal with high or low customer traffic during the day, since each station’s design can be tailored to its particular function.

Investment Cost Savings

Leverage the innovation of PYLON integrated platform to reduce costs. Pylon Restaurant works on any device (PC, Tablet, POS) and prints on all types of printers. With minimal hardware requirements, it can in most cases use your business’ existing equipment supporting local or cloud database.






PYLON Restaurant

For the special needs of food and catering industry

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