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The Data Communication Project Team focuses on your expectations and guarantees the successful project execution

In Data Communication, we have 30+ year technical expertise and an extensive experience of thousands of software implementations all over Greece. To implement our projects, we create a Project Team that focuses on your expectations and guarantees the optimal management and the successful execution of the project. The composition of the team depends on the size and complexity of the project, as well as on the particular client needs. 



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The project phases

1. Project Plan & System Installation

  • Agreement on project plan and conducting methods 
  • Timetable estimation
  • Installation of database (RDBMS) and application's software 


2. Requirement Analysis, Specifications, Customization

  • Listing & study of business conditions, information systems, business goals and expectations
  • Finalizing timetables, standard functions design and the detailed specifications of the new information system
  • Initiation of parameterization by Data Communication consultants in collaboration with the Clients’ Project Team members

3. Data Migration

  • Data transfer from the existing information system

4. Basic User Training

  • Training the Client's System Manager and Subsystems Managers to use the system in order to perform the necessary checks during the trial phase

5. Pilot Testing

  • Training a selected group of end users to use the system in order to detect bugs and provide feedback before the full deployment of the system.

6. Software Operation and Parallel User Training

  • The new system starts operating by entering all transactions handled by the previous system
  • All staff members are trained


7. Finalizing Parameters

  • Recording the observations made during the parallel operation of both systems
  • Final decisions on any customization adjustments are made


8. Final Test

  • Implementation of the final phase of the integrated operation
  • The necessary (final) modifications of the parameterization are made


9. Live System Operation

  • The system goes live
  • Data Communication consultants remain available for any issues that may arise


10. Final Delivery

  • Final delivery by the customer’s representatives after all trial periods
Microsoft Sure Step Methodology

For the management of software projects, Data Communication follows Microsoft's Sure Step methodology, tailored to the needs of Greek enterprises.


Sure Step is an internationally recognized methodology, certified by the Project Management Institute, that controls all phases of the project, i.e.: mapping of the customer's requirements, identification of deliverables, synthesis of the project plan, management of the project team, control and approval of deliverables, in-depth user training, pilot operation of the system and final delivery of the system to ensure the ultimate success of the project and maximize customer satisfaction.


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