Customer Care 360˚


With our "Customer Care 360˚" policy we provide our customers with an integrated support experience ensuring that they take full advantage of their software system for the benefit of their business.


Data Communication's customer-centric approach is expressed through the integrated "Customer Care 360˚” policy, an innovative, award-winning customer service system, designed by Data Communication.



Data Communication's award winning Customer Support Services

The "Customer Care 360˚" policy includes a comprehensive series of actions and initiatives such as: Customer Support Center, Knowledge base, Tactical Communication & Preventative Support Plan, Tax Seminars / Webinars, Webinars Support, DC Training Portal, New Publications.

Customer Support Center

We provide support services by telephone, online or on-site. Our Customer Support Center is open Monday to Friday 9.00 - 19.00. & Saturday 9.00 - 14.00, depending on customer's support contract. Especially for accountants, in peak times, support services are also available on Sundays.



Knowledge Base

The Data Communication Supprt Support Knowledge Base allows you to search a variety of repositories; includiing more than 1100 QAs and more than 50 special parameter articles.



Communication Plan

We communicate on a regular basis with our customers to be aware with issues of their concern.  We are always one step ahead of their needs


Tax seminars | Webinars

We hold seminars on current tax laws and regulations for the information of the accountants. The seminars take place in our Conference Cente. A webcast option is available for those interested in viewing the Seminar on a computer, from anywhere.

Support Webinars

We organize web seminars exclusively for our applications' users. We help them effectively use our programs and anwer their questions.


DC Training Portal

Our online training portal provides access to a wide range of educational material. More than 400 video presentations and new e-seminars for our new clients.

DC Certified Professional

We provide comprehensive training for our software through our educational portal. Free access and ability to obtain "DC Certified Professional" certification by participating in Online Exams.

New Versions

We regularly update our software in compliance to laws and regualtions. We also proceed to updates based on our clients' needs and remarks. New releases are downloaded via Live Updates. 


Project Implementation Services

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Epsilon Training

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