A Life Science company with a 150+year history and core competencies in the areas of health care and agriculture

The company

Bayer AG is a leading, international, chemical and pharmaceutical company with a history of 150 years and core competencies in the areas of health care and agriculture.


Bayer AG has developed new substances that are used in innovative products and solutions in order to improve human, animal and plants' health. The Group's Research and Development department is based on the deep understanding of biochemical processes for all living organisms.


Bayer Hellas SA has been active in Greece for more than 60 years in the three business divisions of the parent company:

  • Pharmaceuticals: includes prescription products in the areas of cardiology, gynecology oncology, hematology, ophthalmology and radiology
  • Consumer Health: mainly dealing with non-prescription products - dermatologicals, dietary supplements, analgesics, antacids, etc.
  • Crop Science: active in the field of plant protection, seed and non-agricultural methods of pest control

Bayer Hellas's Central Services include a number of support departments that contribute to the company's added value by advising the company's commercial departments by developing and implementing solutions that facilitate the business process either internally or in collaboration with dedicated external consultants, in order to ensure high profitability for the Group.
In addition to the headquarters in Athens, it is also based in Thessaloniki.

Business Challenge

Bayer Hellas SA Sales departments, aligned with their parent company, used an old-fashioned IT system for a long period of time, facing lots of restrictions:


  • in managing relationships with the medical community
  • in the internal organization of sales departments of all three divisions
  • in requested plug-ins or functionality extensions

In addition, each extension required extended implementation period and high implementation and maintenance costs.


Due to the above limitations and in view of the increased requirements of the Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health Divisions' Sales Departments, Bayer Hellas SA sought a new, integrated IT system that would offer high added value by providing advanced operations, supporting all Sales Departments of the organization.


In addition to the design and deployment during the start-up phase of the production process, the selected partner should apply the solution to 120 users including all personal interface adjustments over a 30-day time period


Finally, the migration of key registers and historical data taken from the existing system was required.

The solution

To satisfy the above requirements, Bayer Hellas SA trusted Data Communication (DC) for its long-haul experience. In order to deliver an information system - model to Bayer, DC has invested heavily in the particular project. In collaboration with Bayer's project team, DC designed and developed the Pharma CRM Accelerator ™, a 360 vertical management solution for the day-to-day operations of Sales departments, especially for the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Pharma CRM Accelerator ™ has established itself on the world-class Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Relationship Management Platform, utilizing all its technological and functional features, and has been distinguished in the BITE Awards in the "Specialization in Business Sectors / Pharmaceutical Organizations" (2013).


The system completely covered the operational needs of Bayer Hellas, such as:


  • Automation of Medical Visitor Actions / Medical Information
  • Pharmacy Sales / e-ordering
  • Key Account Management 
  • Evaluations / Targeting
  • Management Of Questionnaires
  • Automation of Marketing (e.x. conferences, promotions, etc.)
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Central, fully parametric mechanism of workflows
  • Full interface with Outlook, and in general with MS-Office applications 
  • Online/Offline portable mode


Within the framework of the project, later, the following interoperable with the central system Add-Ons were developed and delivered to Bayer Hellas:


  • Pharma CRM Accelerator ™ iOS for Reps to provide system functionality and data exchange with medical devices of medical visitors with iOS
  • Pharma CRM Accelerator ™ eOrdering Consumer Care in conjunction with a portable solution for iPADs to support implementation and feedback of the company's market penetration plan, and
  • Pharma CRM Accelerator ™ Crystal - EOF System, an event management subsystem with detailed information for all conferences, events, etc. involving doctors or organizations that come in contact with Bayer Hellas


Bayer Hellas benefits from a wide range of features and advantages that Pharma CRM Accelerator ™ offers, that can be summarized as follows:


  • Flexible appointment of meetings and planning of actions 
  • Improvement & personalization of customer support services 
  • Effective organization & administration 
  • Organizing and strengthening the Sales Department 
  • Implementation and evaluation of targeted marketing actions 
  • Digital Marketing Automation 
  • Key Account Management 
  • Electronic Ordering 
  • Reporting for multiple use of system data and information
  • Easy and fast interface with external systems that the business uses to retrieve the necessary information
  • Friendly and familiar working environment.
  • Direct information management on any device (mobility).
  • Full portability.
  • Interfacing with familiar Microsoft tools.
  • Ability to choose to install the system on premise or on cloud 
  • Maximizing return on investment (ROI) 



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