WinEra ERP

Comprehensive ERP system with expanded capabilities, in compliance with AADE myDATA platform!

Take control of your business, boost productivity and deal with challenges successfully! WinEra ERP gives your business what it needs to succeed. With scalable modular structure and expanded capabilities, it meets current and future needs of growing businesses. Adapted to the new regulations for AADE e-Book keeping, it transmits your documents’ data to myDATA platform easily, quickly, with high reliability and no additional costs. WinEra ERP is the ideal solution for enterprises with complex needs, as well as with standard operational requirements.


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Available Module

Not Supported

Functional Modules WinEra ERP WinEra Standard WinEra Essential
Warehouse - Stocks
Multiple Storage Areas
Multiple Units of Measurement
Internal Transactions
Racks - Slots
Special Features (Color - Size)
Set of Items
Alternative Items and Correlation Items
Alternative Suppliers
Serial Numbers
Composition - Decomposition
Template Documents
Bar Codes
Physical Inventory
Salesmen (Basic)
Salesmen (Advanced)
Salesmen - Managers
Customers' cars - Suppliers' cars
Alternative Delivery / Receipt Addresses
Commercial Transactions
Purchases - Sales
Cashier Simulation
Bulk Transformation of Documents
Multiple Price Lists
Purchase and Sales Discount Policies
Triangular Transactions
Charges - Credits
Special Taxes
Intensive Retail
Portable Pricing - Ordering
Contracts Management
Financial Transactions
Proceeds - Payments
Credit Policies To Customers / Suppliers
Customer / Supplier Offsets
Other Accounts
Open Items - Συμφωνίες Πελατών / Προμηθευτών
Business Organization
Attached Documents
Office Management
Project Management - Cost Centers
Remote Communication
International Transactions
Import & Export Costing
Production Management
Industrial Costing
Income - Expenses
Income - Expenses
General Accounting
General Accounting
Analytical Accounting
Analytical Accounting
Balance Sheet - Numeric Indicators
Automatic Closure of Balance-sheet
Balance Sheet
Numeric Indicators
Building Projects
Building Projects
Fixed (Basic)
Fixed (Advanced)
Forms VAT
Income Tax Forms
Taxis Forms
Electronic Submissions Of Declarations
Communication with e-shop
Software & Info All in One
Customization Tools
Defined Fields
Defined Functions
Entry Forms /Screens Design
Accounting Update from Ascii
Items Update by Ascii
Import - Export Utility
Transformation Utility
Security - Users & Permissions
Security - Fields and Functions
Security - Table Contents
Multiple Searches
Bulk Changes and Deletions
Management of Errors - Application Messages
History Of Change Data
Reporting Tools
Report Generator (Basic)
Report Generator (Templates)
Report Generator (Financial Reports)
Item Generator

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Select a rental WinEra! Install it on your premises' server, boost your productivity, increase profit and keep costs low. The "Rent a WinEra" model is available for all WinEra packages and all included modules. It is the ideal solution for companies aiming at optimizing their business processes through a modern, reliable business software, without wishing to invest in buying software.


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