Microsoft SharePoint

The intelligent platform for content and collaboration management

Share and manage content, knowledge and applications! Empower teamwork! Microsoft SharePoint enables your people to easily access all of your organization's information and data, which remain usually unknown as they are unstructured, stored in different locations, systems and devices. In addition, Microsoft SharePoint incorporates a set of tools tools allowing your people to create sites, to share documents and information with colleagues, partners and customers, anytime, at the right time. Empower individuals, teams and organizations to discover, share, and collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device. Available either in the Microsoft cloud or on your servers.

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Improve information control

Create a common location to organize and share your corporate files. Work at the same time in a document. Share it with other employees or partners. Get information and data from everywhere. Boost your organization's productivity!

Communicate faster, synchronize

Connect your employees wherever they are. Let them be informed in real time. Empower collaboration among your people by allowing them to share their ideas and communicate with each other from anywhere,by any device. Synchronize in real time

Rely on Microsoft familiar interface to ensure end-user adoption

Allow your employees to adopt the solution. Minimize the training time. Benefit from personalized views and interface for easier access to information. Manage your e-mails, meetings and everyday tasks from a central location, due the solution's inherent integration with Microsoft familiar tools such as Office 365, Excel and Outlook.


Ensure sensitive business information

Rely on a maximum security platform designed with the unique Microsoft approach, fully in line with the European GDPR regulation. Keep your business data safe and confidential by setting compliance rules, security settings, storage and control policies. Apply control policies to all types of your data. Apply a unified classification policy across the organization. Maintain a single corporate branding policy

Maximize your return on investment

Make a strategic investment that will improve communication and collaboration between individuals and groups. Accelerate day-to-day business processes and enhance productivity and profit.

On premise & on cloud

Select the deployment that is best for you. The solution can be deployed in a traditional “οn Premise” environment within your organization's infrastructure or on Microsoft's data centers. Access your data through a Web client or Mobile client (iOS, android, windows), anytime, from any device.

Integrate infrastructure's systems

Reduce administrative costs. Combine the data of different systems by integrating the company's IT systems in oder to connect and share data.



Manage through a unified platform the company's Intranet, Extranet, and Internet apps
  • Allow your employees and associates to connect to your organization's intranet to track news, announcements, scheduled tasks, and other workplace related information
  • Create a secure extranet network and give classified access to your affiliates (vendors, affiliates). Share data, contact information, and trade policies. Give business associates a step in your space







Stop typing. Create accounting entries automatically!



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