Specialized in one and two component polyurethane waterproofing systems, the company is providing a wide range of products that provide solutions for the waterproofing and protection of all kinds of surfaces

The company

ALCHIMICA is a dynamic company specializing in research, development and manufacture of chemicals for the construction and industrial sectors.


The credibility inspired by the name ALCHIMICA is the result of many years of effort, since over 30 years the company has been developing products that meet the waterproofing and waterproofing requirements of the most demanding projects. 

Business Challenge

  • Decrease payroll time for the headquarters and the branch
  • Absolute employee attendance control
  • Monitoring of other employee data (Holidays, Vacations, Absences, Diseases).
  • Recording and monitoring of benefits to staff (insurance policies)
  • Automated procedures for submissions to all insurance funds
  • Monitor users' access to data, rights differentiating per user, record change history
  • Manage cvs of already existing and potential employees.
  • Monitoring and management of personnel per department
  • Payments with a bank file creation
  • Advanced statistics and financial reporting requirements

The solution

To meet the requirements of ALCHIMICA, Premium HRM of Data Communication, an integrated human resource management system open to further extensions, was chosen.


The solution provided:


  • Automatic transfer of employee data from the previous software
  • Total adaptation of the database to needs of the customer
  • Full clock data management with ability to edit and link with automatic payroll calculation (insurance days, overtime hours/overtime)
  • Detailed display of employee presence and vacation through the "Vacations-Absences" subsystem. Ability to monitor balances
  • Customized financial reports through the built-in Report Generator tool. Ability to interface with the Business Intelligence (BI) system to process and statistically analyze data through the OLAP cubes method
  • Totally reliable security with definition of multiple levels of access
  • Communication with the computer systems of all Greek banks
  • Printing, electronic submission of all forms Taxis & Ergani


  • Reduced operating costs
  • Simplified payroll  through automated procedures
  • Minimized human errors in calculating working hours and, as a consequence, employee earnings and residual vacation days
  • Immediate informing of the Accountant Department as well the the Management about the employment of human resources by department, location and cost center
  • Guaranteed continuous information on the changing legal and fiscal framework


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