Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

Cloud ERP solution for large and complex companies that need flexibility, accuracy, and information without limits.

Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations is a Cloud ERP business solution that provides large, complex businesses and organizations with tools that optimize the management and monitoring of their finances and inventories, providing them with process automation, human error elimination, meaningful financial insights, and productivity maximization.  


The solution is a combination of two different applications: 

• Dynamics 365 Finance: includes budgeting, project management, and financial & accounting management. 

• Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management: includes trade, manufacturing, and supply chain processes 


Our team of experts can customize and integrate various applications according to your business needs and requirements. Our more than 30 years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics projects and the range of our clients ensure you a smooth and secure transition. 

Ensure the growth of your business with a solution that offers you real-time monitoring of your financial operations and inventory and drives you to smarter decision-making. 

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30+ Years of Experience in the Greek market

Leverage our expertise in Greek Business Practices and ensure a full range of functions & innovative tools necessary for Greek enterprises using a SaaS solution. Comply with Greek Accounting Standards, IFRS, e-books and tax legislation via always updated releases. 



Do business anywhere, anytime with any device! Ensure secure and efficient capabilities for remote work. Give your executives more accessible mobile and web apps to have the insights they need to perform. Get better integration with other Microsoft Azure cloud products, as well as world-class hosting security and stability. 

Manage all your financing needs

Manage Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, and Customer Interactions. Get a fast and efficient way to register financial transactions, manage relationships between subsidiaries and the parent organization, manage internal cost accounting, currency translation, and reports in any supported currency. 

Optimize Supply Chain Management

Automate and secure your supply chain. Connect sales and purchasing processes with logistics, production, and warehouse management to provide visibility and management throughout the supply chain. Manage distributed organizations with inter-company and multi-site capabilities. Reduce costs & risks. 

Upgrade Business Operation

Streamline your processes, manage Financials, Sales, Service, and Operations, with an all in one business solution that connects people, processes, and data together. Boost efficiency with automated tasks and workflows-all integrated within familiar Office tools like Outlook, Word, and Excel. 

Advanced BI Analytics

Speed up the decision cycle and provide decision makers with comprehensive insights and valid data. Leverage the solution’s seamless integration with Microsoft Power BI and move beyond standard reports. Analyze and visualize real-time data through advanced dashboards available on any device.  

Budgeting and Forecasting

Ensure accurate budgeting and forecasting to maintain financial stability. Manage easily multiple budgets across departments. Create budget templates, centralize your budgets and forecasts, manage budget with transaction-level detail, report accurate budgets and forecasts, maintain multiple budgets across the fiscal year, and set budgeting alerts. 

Financial Reporting & Analytics

Make sound decisions about your finances with accurate, detailed, and meaningful financial reports. Stop engaging in guesswork and rough estimates. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations provides you with a varied types of reports and inquiries, detailed financial reporting, and detailed analysis of financial information. 

Credit and Collections

Automate your credit and collection systems and improve your cash flows. Manage your invoices with an efficient system that helps you avoid cash flow issues by ensuring they are paid on time. Track and manage your customers' invoices and open accounts receivable, schedule collections activities, and create automated email notifications and collection letters. 

General Ledger

Get financial accounting with flexible configuration options for setup and maintenance of general ledger. Create and easily copy a legal entity. Define and share chart of accounts and sub accounts between multiple legal entities. Manage currencies, journal entries and set up new journals. Use Financial period close workspace to track your financial closing processes across companies, areas, and people. 

Inventory Management

Track items by inventory dimensions, including site, warehouse, pallet, location, batch, and serial number. Optimize inventory levels using built-in intelligence to predict when and what to replenish and purchase only what you need. Take advantage of multiple inventory control systems and inventory valuation methods. 

Multi-site Warehouse Management

Control storage locations and material handling within warehouses. Apply advanced inbound algorithms using multiple warehouse zones and replenishment strategies. Optimize picking with a choice of picking methods. Track inventory on hand per warehouse. 

Production Scheduling

Monitor your production process with maximum accuracy! Automate and simplify processes with customizable workflows and scenarios for better planning and optimization of total costs. Use Gantt charts to manage production capacity. Get a reliable production costing circuit that covers your every possible need. 

Demand Forecasting

Forecast your demand based on historical data! Leverage the power of Azure Machine Learning to adjust the forecasts by using Microsoft Excel and import the values into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations forecast models.