A company dedicated to the design, production and trading of dermatological products


The company

FREZYDERM SA was created in 1986 with the aim of designing, producing and marketing dermatological products, presenting them through medical information to dermatologists and marketing them through the Pharmaceutical Distribution Channel. In view of the continuous development of its products and the development of new products that will meet the most specialized medical needs, FREZYDERM has created the Department of Dermo-Cosmetics Research and Development, which has developed collaborations with European Universities for the study and evaluation of its products, as well as the exchange of information and data on cosmetic products.


Today, FREZYDERM holds the 1st place among major multinationals in the field of Scientific Information in cosmetics sector. It also has an extensive nationwide network of 4,500 pharmacies and, besides the Greek market, its products have successfully penetrated international markets in the Middle East, Canada, the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe.

Business Challenge

FREZYDERM SA, recognizing the challenges faced in recent years by the pharmaceutical sector and at the same time the defensive features of the cosmetics market, has sought a modern, international Cloud solution. The solution would include the reward system and management of FREZYWARD VIP CLUB members in order to ensure better organization and the optimization of the dermocosmetics products promotion procedures, 
the mobilization and direct service of the members' extensive network.
The solution had to apply to the following challenges:
  • High competition conditions requiring innovative solutions to business partners (pharmacy aesthetics)
  • Limited time spent in the pharmacy, requiring fast, efficient service by well-trained staff
  • The members' necessity to work from several points
  • Global 360° viewpoint of all communications and transactions between members regardless of where they come from (phone, e-mail, website etc.) and the information system where they are recorded (CRM, Website) 
  • Design and promotion of targeted content

The solution

In order to apply to the above requirements, FREZYDERM addressed to Data Communication (DC) for its long experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. DC invested heavily in this project. In cooperation with the FREZYDERM project team, DC designed and developed the FREZYWARD VIP CLUB ™, an integrated customer relationship management solution and digital marketing which is based on the integrated Cloud CRM Microsoft Dynamics for 365 Sales solution, coupled with the implementation of a modern communication Portal (, for access by members, through an aesthetic environment, highlighting the Organization's corporate identity. The solution "Frezyward VIP Club" was distinguished in the competition "BITE Awards", in the category of "CRM & Digital Marketing" (2017).


Within the framework of the project, the following were implemented:


  • CRM Entity Development to fully monitor the basics and marketing of Aesthetic Pharmacies and Associated Pharmacy 
  • Implementation of a reward and redemption mechanism based on membership in subsidized actions and activities 
  • Development of a Web Portal subsystem, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies ( MVC, Responsive Web design) with capabilities
  • Knowledge management questionnaires to evaluate members and develop know-how for FREZYDERM products
  • Real time update of FREZYDERM news
  • Receiving orders and transferring them to CRM
  • Information and personalized membership access 
  • Mobilizing members through gamification and enhancing fair competition to win a higher position (leaderboard, badges, etc.)
  • Complete the Web Portal solution with CRM for bidirectional data exchange
  • Data transfer for the initial importation of Cosmetics, Pharmacy, Historical Seminar etc.
  • Obtaining total (360˚) image of relationships with system members and design targeted regular communications and promotion content


  • Controlled rewards, productivity gains & lower operating costs. The reward is now controlled as it results from the credible evaluation of the members. The benefit of investment (cost containment) reaches 26%, while members enjoy privileges through the learning process, resulting in more productive work. The cooperating pharmacies recorded an average of 20% growth during the first months of running program.
  • Personalized Interactive Relationship, Membership Devotion & Increased Recognition
  • Improving digital marketing actions 
  • Improved real-time experience & increase of satisfaction of members
  • Direct correspondence & fast adaptation 
  • Rapid adoption by the users &  Cloud flexibility



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