EDA THESSALONIKI-THESSALIA S.A. is acting as Operator of the Natural Gas Distribution Network within the geographical areas of Prefecture of Thessaloniki and Region of Thessaly.

The company

EDA THESSALONIKI-THESSALIA S.A. was founded in 2017, acting as Operator of the Natural Gas Distribution Network within the geographical areas of Thessaloniki Prefecture and Thessaly Region, as laid down in the Ministerial Decisions No. Δ1/Γ/Φ7/11819/29.08.2000 (OGG Β’ 1086) and Δ1/Γ/Φ7/11818/29.08.2000 (OGG Β’ 1087), according to the provisions of the laws in force.


In particular, the above activities include the construction, maintenance, operation, management and general usage of the Natural Gas Distribution Network in the aforementioned geographical areas. Said activities are specified in the Distribution License and the natural gas Distribution Network Operation License.


The PUBLIC GAS CORPORATION S.A. (DEPA) participates by 51% and the foreign strategic investor company (ΕΝΙ) participates by 49%, and is also in charge of the management, in EDA THESSALONIKI-THESSALIA S.A.


The company was founded as a result of the liberalization of the market through the granting of the right to choose a gas supplier for Industrial and domestic customers and the functional separation of companies holding a distribution license or managing the gas distribution network.

Business Challenge

EDA THESSALONIKI-THESSALIA S.A.​, given the challenges the energy sector faces in the recent years and in the context of the rapidly growing needs created in the light of the liberalization of the specific market, sought a modern international Customer Relationship Management solution that would contribute to effectively address the following business challenges:

  • Continuous product and service renewal by industry companies due to high competition and growing customer expectations at service and pricing policy level, without additional cost to the budget
  • Fluid flexibility and constantly changing legal and regulatory framework. Immediate alignment with the applicable provisions
  • Adoption of state-of-the-art technologies as well as "ecological" technological innovations that correspond to the profile of the energy companies (high environmental footprint)
  • Search for a modern and specialized IT solution that focuses on the customer rather than the counter


The solution

To meet the above requirements, EDA THESSALONIKI-THESSALIA S.A. selected Data Communication, (DC) based on its vertically integrated experience in this market. Energy Dynamics Accelerator, an Integrated Sales, Service & Marketing Management dedicated to Power and Natural Gas industries, has been selected. It is noted that this solution, which DC has developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV platforms, has been distinguished for its specialized functionality while taking advantage of the platform's productivity and innovation structural features as well as the best international practices (IMPACT Bite Awards 2016 & 2018).


Within the framework of the project, the following were implemented:

  • Automation of the entire sales' cycle starting with the application in any way it is introduced (physical presence at the counter, customer visit or self-service portal) and ending in the contract
  • Complete tracking of key contact, customer, external partner information, Cases & Complaints
  • Complete organization of 24-hour emergency call center procedures
  • Developing a gas network extensions management entity following login requests in areas not covered by the existing network
  • Digitize document history history and implement an automated process of digitizing and correlating new documents related to customer requests, CRM entities, and Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Implementation of an extranet portal for the access of external collaborators and the management of processes related to them (eg electronic submission and approval of plant studies and related documentation, site inspections)
  • Implementation of a My EPA Customer Service Portal to relieve customer service deprivation and provide customer service and customer service
  • Implementation of iOS Tablets to ensure remote access and meet the needs of Business Operations Management and Construction, Network Management and Immediate Intervention
  • Completion with the following systems:
  1. Enterprise Resource Management (Microsoft Dynamics NAV) for the two-way data transfer between the two systems
  2. Dial in-out phone center and automatic identification of incoming calls and client tab in CRM
  • Call logging solution and correlation of recordings with related CRM entities
  • GIS Mapping System for monitoring map data of installed equipment in the gas network
  • Microsoft Sharepoint software solution for exploiting relevant functionality through the CRM interface
  • Customer service portal and external partners for successful data transfer between the two systems
  • Email solution for automated messaging
  • Data transfer for initial input of basic data
  • Availability of information from multiple channels on any device
  • Making use of the Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities provided by the solution for creating Dashboards and Reports


  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty due to quicker resolution of requests, personalized service and self-handling capabilities
  • Increased productivity and efficiency ratios in all of the group's and external partners' network
  • Direct response and quick adaptation to new market conditions
  • High degree of adoption of solution by system users due to friendly and familiar work environment and inherent integration with Microsoft Office
  • On time and accurate management information on critical business performance indicators (KPIs) useful for administrative decisions


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