Karagiannis - Karatzopoulos S.A.

A Greek film production company

The company

The company Karagiannis - Karatzopoulos is a Greek film company founded in 1966 by director Kostas Karagiannis and cameraman-editor Antonis Karatzopoulos. In a very short period of time it became one of the largest companies in film production in Greece. The company carried out the production of 118 films and worked with the most famous stars.


Since 1990, the company has dealt mainly with films distribution, bringing together films from independent producers. The company purchased a total of 180 Greek movies, and since 2013 is involved in several commercial productions of the new Greek cinema.

Business Challenge

The company Karagiannis - Karatzopoulos sought a modern, reliable IT solution that would cover its business needs and fully monitor its financial situation.


The new solution had to cover the following:


  • Full monitoring of the films
  • Monitoring of script writers, directors, technicians & their rights per film
  • Monitoring of contracts
  • Monitoring of revenue sources per film
  • Full accounting of receivables and liabilities
  • Complex information needs

The solution

To cover the above requirements, the company Karagiannis - Karatzopoulos trusted Data Communication, which took over the implementation and support of an integrated system for the Management of Enterprise Resources WinEra ERP, as well a Business Analysis tool.


Overall, the solution fully covered the functional areas:


  • Customization of the films in accordance with the characteristics of each film
  • Customization of the revenue sources
  • Multitude of standard reports
  • Creation of custom reports in accordance with the complex needs of the company
  • Electronic submission of forms 
  • Guarantee of continuous upgrade & a direct response of the application to the changing legislative environment


Direct and measurable benefits obtained by the Karagiannis - Karatzopoulos can be summarized in:


  • Reduced operating costs 
  • Collection of the organization's complex information into a single system and immediate use of it by users
  • A global, constantly updated picture of economic requirements and obligations
  • Making the best use of the information of the company for the optimal trategic decision-making


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