Academy 365 Accelerator

A specialized solution for the Private Tertiary Education sector that simplifies the management of prospective students and enhances their experience.

The Academy 365 Accelerator, developed by Data Communication, is a bespoke cloud solution designed exclusively for the Private Tertiary Education sector. It addresses the challenges faced by educational institutions in attracting and managing students, offering streamlined management of prospective students, programs, and personnel.

This solution integrates systems from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product family (Dynamics 365 Sales & Customer Service, Power Platform, Power BI, Azure), interconnected with suite applications and third-party systems such as ERPs, SISs, and peripheral equipment, offering unlimited possibilities for expansion and customization.

With the Academy 365 Accelerator, educational institutions can optimize the process of attracting new students while delivering high-quality services to their current students.

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Enhance Your Competitiveness

Invest in an integrated solution for managing prospective students, programs, and personnel to gain full control over your operations. Simplify your daily processes and access best practices.

Optimize Your Operations

Help your organization grow by eliminating isolated systems that do not communicate with each other. Automate processes through a user-friendly platform that reduces the need for manual work, saves time, minimizes errors, and optimizes the educational experience.

Focus on Your Students

Offer your students and prospective students personalized communications and a tailored service experience from the first contact until the completion of their studies. Shape an educational journey that meets their expectations, enhancing their satisfaction and dedication.

Boost Your Productivity

Increase your efficiency through business processes that guide academic advisors with clear steps, allowing for quicker finalization of new enrolments. Save valuable time, reduce errors, and enhance the student experience, leading to higher satisfaction.

Make Targeted Decisions

Accelerate decision-making with immediate information and accurate data. Leverage integration with Microsoft Power BI and Copilot to gain business intelligence through innovative data analysis capabilities.

Reduce Costs

Upgrade your digital infrastructure with a strategic investment that contributes to more efficient targeting and utilization of resources. Streamline expenses, leverage automated workflows, and maximize efficiency and profitability.


Access from Anywhere

Manage your data from anywhere and from any device via web client or mobile client. Benefit from the system’s native integration with familiar Microsoft tools for even more efficient management.

Rely on Top Security

Feel secure with a fully protected platform designed with Microsoft’s unique approach and compliant with European GDPR regulations. Ensure that your business data remains private and confidential.

Student Candidate Management

Automate the process of recording personal details, managing admission or scholarship applications, and tracking the progress of your students. Log daily activities for prospective students in a single system, maintain an action history, and monitor the status of actions in the pipeline, thereby improving communication and the effectiveness of your interactions.

Student Management

Place the students at the center of your actions and enhance their experience. Gather all necessary information about your students in one profile, including personal data, courses, evaluations, and financial information. Automatically generate student requests, optimizing response time, management efficiency, and the achievement of KPI goals.

Personnel Management

Consolidate all essential personnel information in a single profile, categorized by role such as teaching, support, external, or administrative staff. Store personal data, activity calendars, evaluations, and manage requests efficiently, enhancing personnel management and boosting the organization’s effectiveness.

​Academic Programs Management

Create a catalogue of your institution’s various academic programs and streamline their management. Simplify the process of generating acceptance letters for your applicants, saving time and allowing your staff to focus more on delivering high-quality educational programs.

Marketing Campaigns

Automate your marketing efforts to enhance your efficiency in attracting students. Create and execute targeted multichannel campaigns, personalize communications for better engagement, and monitor their performance.

Real-time Reporting

Benefit from the inherent integration of the Academy Accelerator with Microsoft Power BI and leverage much more than standardized reports. Convert your data into actionable insights and provide your executives with a real-time view to make informed decisions. Extract valuable insights and reduce complexity and costs.

Modern UI

Navigate with ease, switch between business fields, gain easy access to daily tasks, and perform actions quickly, directly from the home screen. Develop multiple Role Centers, each customized to the profile and needs of your users. Gain the ability for small customizations, and if a user has more than one role, they can easily access all functions.

Integration with All Your Systems

Utilize all the information and systems of your organization by unifying processes and disparate data. Connect with the telephone center and the SIS, transfer data from third-party systems, unify processes, and integrate internal systems.