DC Procurement App

Cloud solution designed for large companies & organizations, with highly specialized procurement needs

DC Procurement is a cloud-based app built on Microsoft's renowned Power Apps suite. It streamlines procurement department operations without necessitating changes to your ERP system.

Optimize your procurement management processes, from purchase request creation to payment processing, through a centralized platform that consolidates information and seamlessly integrates with your business workflows.

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Supplier Management

Effortlessly manage all your supplier information including contact details, contracts, and performance metrics. Get instant access to all the information you need and streamline your communications.

Purchase Order Management

Create and manage purchase requests digitally! Simplify your workflow by automatically generating purchase orders based on predefined workflows. Monitor multiple supplier quotes and select items from different suppliers with automatic submission of one or more orders.

Inventory Management

Empower your executives to easily and quickly generate replenishment orders for your products before they run out, automatically pulling relevant information from your ERP! Eliminate stockouts and ensure the best customer service!

Spend Analytics

Make informed decisions by leveraging rich reporting with data and detailed insights into procurement department activities. Identify cost-saving opportunities, monitor spending patterns, and securely forecast future costs to ensure liquidity.

Workflow Management

Optimize your procurement processes and gain real-time insights into status of your requests! The application enables you to customize the approval process according to your needs, enabling you to oversee the entire process at all stages (request creation, supplier selection, approval flow, order submission, invoicing, receipt), eliminating delays and approval issues!


Customize the app to your needs! Organize the procurement process based on your unique business model and streamline your operations. Address all your future technological, legislative, or operational needs with a solution that evolves continuously.

Smooth Supply Chain Operations

Automate and ensure the smooth operation of your supply chain. Optimize your inventory and warehouse management, reduce shortages, maximize your profits, and receive notifications on suppliers’ payment.

Improve efficiency

Minimize waiting times for your orders, supply requests and evaluation of suppliers, offered prices and product quality assessments with an application that enhances smooth communication between you’re your systems and optimizes your procurement department efficiency.

Enhanced Transparency

Achieve transparency in procurement management by allowing your users to track the progress of requests and orders in real-time from any device. Reduce errors, avoid problems, and prevent data loss!

Easy to use

Simplify the daily tasks of your procurement department! The application is user-friendly and designed to handle complex requirements securely and swiftly, integrating all necessary functionality. It offers you complete control and comprehensive information.