Premium HRM Payroll Hotel

Payroll Management for the hotel industry

Do you need flexibility in managing your staff? Ability to Rehire? Hotel staff insurance coverage? Want to sign in to ERGANI, wherever you are? Premium HRM Payroll Hotel byData Communication fully meets your particular requirements.

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Friendly environment

Work easily and efficiently in a fully-multiscreen environment. Save time by easily locating the features you are interested in. Take advantage of the ability to create personalized menus and screens as well as a wealth of automated features to instantly familiarize users and minimize customization time.

Functionality and Time Saving

Work fast and efficiently with a fully automated, easy and simple HRM application. Calculate payroll as it serves you - either massively for all staff, per employee, per branch, per department, per specialty, etc. Save time with the ability to massively import employee and payroll data through ascii files or through the timing system. Take advantage of the Integrated Human Resource Management System (Candidate Management, Education, Benefits, Employee Assessment).

Alignment with labor and insurance legislation

Feel confident in an ever-changing legal environment. Directly align with the applicable labor and insurance legislation. Follow in time with any legislative change by making a simple application upgrade. Rely on the 30+ years of Data Communication experience.

Integrated coverage of the specificities of Tourism

Your needs are different. We know it! Seasonality, Shifts -Days-off, Special Collective Labor Agreements for Hotels, Mass Payroll Calculation on the leave.

Alignment with GDPR

Ensure your sensitive data with a reliable security system fully in line with the European GDPR regulation. Premium HRM uses modern data encryption methods. Moreover, the ability to define multiple levels of access per role and the integrated data change monitoring system guarantee that your organization's data is kept 100% confidential.

24x7 Support

Benefit from of the award-winning Customer Care 360 service. Take advantage of the multiple support and service channels we provide to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Experience all potential of Premium HRM through rich audiovisual training and support material, connecting automatically to the Data Communication site.

Connection to Premium HRM web ERGANI

Make your daily work easier. Connect to Premium HRM web ERGANI, wherever you are, using a simple Internet connection via smartphone, tablet or laptop, to send all important documents to ERGANI system without actually being in your office.

Connection to Internet for automated submissions and data extractions

Get in touch in no time with the EFKA (Social Insurance Institution) and similar insurance institutions' sites, with ERGANI and GSIS (Tax) systems. Send orders for payments in advance and payroll clearance to all Banks. Avoid the risk of error by utilizing the ability to extract employee data by the EFKA istitution and company data from the respective department.

Coverage of all work relations and payments systems

Invest in top-of-the-line Payroll Μanagement capabilities and built-in functionality to instantly calculate each work relation: for salaried, wage and hourly employees, for full-time or part-time workers. Without requiring extra customization. Accurately calculate imputed wages, OAED apprenticeships etc.

Plenty of prints

Take advantage of multiple standard prints that will help you make the right decisions to manage both the financial and human resources of your business. Take advantage of the built-in Report Generator tool for custom report design, as well as the OLAP cube creation tool, to meet even the most specialized information requirements of your organization.

Compliance with all Collective Labor Agreements

Choose an integrated ΗΡΜ system that fully complies with all Collective Labor Agreements, as well as their constant and automatic online update when any change or adjustment in tables or texts occurs. Take advantage of integration and the intra-company contracts possibility.

Ability to communicate with each accounting application

Take advantage of the Premium HRM Payroll capability to communicate with all Data Communication applications as well as with third-party accounting applications. Easily export and upload General and Analytical Accounting articles to your accounting program and eliminate the risk of human error.

Immediate installation and operation, automatic data transfer

Embed the new system without disturbing the flow of your business. Take advantage of the installation capability at any time during use and immediate operation without requiring any customization. Save time with the automatic migration of data from the downloaded software.






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