Mega Brokers

One of the leading providers of insurance and financial products in Greece

The company

Mega Brokers is one of the leading providers of insurance and financial products in Greece. We have a network of some 1,300 brokers, agents and consultants that provide tailored solutions in a wide area of specialism to more than 230,000 clients.


In our offices in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patra, we have a team of 50 people with a clear mission: Excel in everything we do and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding client.

Business Challenge

MEGA BROKERS aiming at better organizing and optimizing the processes of its sales department, and also at better management and service of its extensive partner network, sought a modern international Cloud CRM solution to ensure:

  • 360​​° view of all communications and transactions with its affiliate network, regardless the contact channel from where they came (phone, e-mail, meetings) or the information system where they are recorded (Back office ERP, Exchange online)
  • designing and promoting targeted marketing promotions

The solution

To meet the above requirements, MEGA BROKERS has entrusted Data Communication with in-depth knowledge of the specific market. The integrated Cloud Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Customer Relationship Management solution was selected.

Within the project, the following were implemented:

  • Complete record of key and partner information (existing and potential)
  • Classification of associates according to their status (Agents, Brokers, Insurance Consultants), the type of cooperation and more of all the information regarding the profile of their profile (Exclusive or non-co-operation, direct-indirect contract, .)
  • Integration with the existing Backoffice system for transferring financial partner data to CRM
  • Extended CRM Enhancements Entity Enhancement to Ensure Specific Meeting Matters (Agenda Actions) & Full Impression and Reporting of Results of Each Meeting
  • Utilization of CRM-maintained information for designing and conducting targeted promotions to the network of affiliates
  • Implementation of a mechanism for the categorization of associates and the determination of their level of service, according to the company's production data
  • Establishment of dashboards for the presentation of critical business indicators that help in assessing customer development and decision making
  • Integration of Cloud CRM with Exchange Online to synchronize and record salesperson's meetings


  • Comprehensive 360 ​​° angle view of customer relationships and assurance of compliance of common topic of meetings by sales inspectors
  • Structured metadata for meeting results due to timely & valid corporate decision making
  • Revenue and partner development as a result of successful and targeted marketing campaigns
  • Ensuring a common meeting theme by sales inspectors
  • Timely and accurate management information on the performance and development of the actions customer development in the context of the marketing campaigns being conducted
  • Ensure that the visit cycle is correctly distributed by partner level and achievement visits' goal


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