A privately owned pharmaceutical company, developing and supplying generics and value added products

The company

PharOS is a privately owned pharmateutical company, developing, manufacturing and supplying generics and value added products with a global portfolio of more than 68 products and over 6.540 marketing authorizations worldwide. 
PharOS is a multi-disciplinary organization, in recognition of the numerous different knowledge sets that are required for a proper pharmaceutical product development, registration and supply. Our expertise covers all aspects of product development from API sourcing up tp market release.
PharOS has a highly skilled workforce of more than 85 professionals all focused on developing and placing in the market top quality generic and other value added pharmaceuticals that improve the lives of patients to more than 86 countries.

Business Challenge

H PharOS Ltd. utilized various regional software applications and spreadsheets to manage its business.


In the context of its development, the company sought an integrated information system aiming at:

  • aggregating commercial and financial information into a single system
  • implying commercial and economic rules in order to improve its operation
  • implementing a complete project management subsystem (for active substance certification procedures)
  • acquiring the ability to extract combinations & information and producing multidimensional references
  • extracting the required financial statements on a CSE basis

The solution

To meet these needs, PharOS Ltd. selected Data Communication (DC) on the basis of its high level of expertise and extensive experience in Dynamics 365 projects. Microsoft Dynamics NAV - InnovEra (ERP), a solution that integrates all the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as well as the add-on InnovEra subsystem, that DC has developed in line with the needs of the Greek market.


The following subsystems were implemented as part of the project:


  • Production Management
  • Financial Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Information (MIS)

Especially for the Project Management subsystem, the requirements of PharOS Ltd. were fully met. In terms of:


  • the total workflows per project or subproject
  • the information kept per project
  • the financial data
  • those involved in the project
  • related tasks & assignments
  • planning, programming and controlling the progress of the project
  • the relative costs and fees and their pricing. The relevant information can be extracted in multidimensional analyzes, displaying the necessary information each time for both ongoing and completed projects

The system is being exploited by 20 Pharos users.



Since the beginning of the system's production, PharOS Ltd. gained significant benefits such as:


  • Utilizing international best practices offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Implementation of Greek best practices offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV - InnovEra
  • Applying rules and automated procedures
  • Improving financial planning and project planning
  • Increased profitability of projects
  • Integrating information of the entire organization into a single system and using it throughout the organization
  • Constantly updated corporate image of the Management
  • Flexibility of adapting the system to all business needs


Microsoft Dynamics NAV - InnovEra

The Greek localized version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018. Incorporating rich functionality, necessary to meet the best practices of Greek enterprises. For large & mid-sized companies.


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