The company aims to provide Life Cycle Management solutions for branded pharma, as well as to develop and establish new technology platforms and provide optimized pharmaceutical products to patients

The company

Pharmathen was founded in 1969 as a private pharmaceutical company. During this journey, the company has emerged as one of the leading in-house development partners based in Europe, specializing in the development, registration, manufacturing and life-cycle management of highly complex pharmaceutical technologies and generic formulations.


We are proud to have our products out-licensed in all six continents and to have a strong presence in all major global markets. Our multinational culture and business operational model offer our clients a custom-made product portfolio that can meet any need.

Business Challenge

Pharmathen, one of the major players in the Greek generics market, has sought a modern, reliable CRM solution to integrate its customer-centric business and serve its business scenarios. 


The new solution had to cover the particularly demanding management needs of the Sales & Marketing department, such as:


  • Information - promotion of medicines in the Greek medical community 
  • Advertising campaigns of the company
  • Communication with a broad network of scientific representatives (>120 )
  • Organization and operation of the Distribution section, which sends all the orders from hospitals, pharmaceutical warehouses and pharmacies in Greece

In addition, there was a need for: 


  • Sales Force Automation (SFA) for Medical Visitors
  • Pharmacies Management 
  • Electronic Ordering
  • Interconnection of the new CRM system with the existing SAP ERP

The solution

To meet the above requirements Pharmathen trusted Data Communicatίon (DC), a strategic partner of Microsoft since 2004. 


Initially, the application and further development of Pharma CRM Accelerator ™, the integrated vertical solution that Data Communication has developed for Pharmaceutical Sales, Service & Marketing, was chosen. This solution is based on the leading international platform for customer relationship management Microsoft Dynamics CRM and has excelled in BITE Awards (2013), in the category "Specialization in Business Sectors/ Pharmaceutical Organisations". 


SCRIBE Software platform to interface the new CRM system with the existing SAP ERP has been chosen. 


Scribe  Software is the most well-known constructor of Data Integration Platforms with presence in the international market from 1995, via 1.200   partners. It is remarkable that the solutions offered have helped more than 14,000 multinational and not only companies to integrate multiple computing systems.


Overall, Pharma CRM Accelerator™ through an easy to use and friendly interface, fully functional areas, such as:


  • Automation of Medical Visitor Actions / Medical Information
  • Pharmacy Sales / e-ordering
  • Key Account Management 
  • Evaluations / Targeting
  • Management Of Questionnaires
  • Automation of Marketing (e.x. conferences, promotions, etc.)
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Central, fully parametric mechanism of workflows
  • Full interface with Outlook, and in general with MS-Office applications 
  • Online/Offline portable mode

Additionally, additional circuits and functions have been developed such as:


  • Request Approval Management Circuit
  • Basic functionality/seller front end functionality
  • Doctor actions 
  • Pharmacy Management, Pricelists, Financial Data
  • e-Ordering, with a special development of application for iPads

Finally, the system was interconnected:


  • with existing Qlikview ™ and IMS Reporting ™ collection, processing, analysis, and production systems, enriching the company's practice with data and enhancing Data-based customer insights 
  • with Microsoft SharePoint Server, which is used by the Agency as a Document Management tool
  • with the company's SAP ERP in two-way communication, through the SCRIBE Software platform


The system is utilized productively by about 150 users.


The direct and measurable benefits obtained by Pharmathen are summarized in:


  • Reliable electronic ordering with elimination of handwritten actions and delays,
  • Improvement & personalization of customer service
  • Achieving sales goals by harnessing ad-hoc marketing campaigns

At the same time Pharmathen has benefited from a series of opportunities and advantages of Pharma CRM Accelerator™, enriched with the circuits of Pharmacy Management and Electronic Ordering and which can be summarised as follows:


  • Friendly and familiar working environment. Interfacing with familiar Microsoft tools.
  • Full portability
  • Premium features for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Flexible appointment of meetings and planning of actions 
  • Fully automated monitoring of medical visits
  • Effective organization & administration
  • Organizing and strengthening the Sales Department
  • Implementation and evaluation of targeted marketing actions
  • Digital Marketing Automation
  • Key Account Management (hospitals, health institutions, tenders, contracts, quantitative and qualitative targeting, etc)
  • Electronic Ordering
  • Reporting for multiple use of system data and information. 
  • Top Security 
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Available on Premise and on Cloud
  • Maximizing return on investment (ROI)



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