Notification to candidates for employment in Data Communication

Thank you for submitting your CV to Data Communication S.A. (hereinafter, the "Company"). By sending your CV, you give us your consent to process your personal data and, in case we believe that it meets the needs of any vacancy available in the Company, to contact you for any clarification or additional information and scheduling a meeting.


By submitting your CV to our Company you expressly and unconditionally accept the following: 

  • By submitting your CV you enable the Company to collect and process your information in order to assess your qualifications and skills and to examine possibilities of future cooperation. Your personal data processing is based on your consent and is conducted in accordance with the purpose it was initiated. You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending an email message to the email address [email protected] with the subject "CONSENT WITHDRAWAL». In this case, we will no longer be able to consider possibilities of future cooperation.
  • Your personal data shall not be transmitted to third parties and will be accessed only by authorized by the Company individuals, employees and partners.
  • When you submit your CV in response to an ad published by the Company regarding a specific vacancy, we will keep your resume for three (3) years after the completion of the relevant recruitment process. If you provide your consent by clicking the relative field (when submitting your CV via the Company's webpage) or by declaring it in written (when sending your CV by email or by post), please note that we will maintain your CV for three (3) years. After the three (3) years period expires, our Company may ask you to renew your consent and retain your information for two (2) more years.
  • From your side, as a candidate looking for an employment opportunity in the Company, you are bound to provide accurate and true information. You shall not provide information about criminal convictions and offenses or other special categories of personal data (such as information on political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic or biometric data, health data, etc.). You shall not provide information that relates or concerns third party data, unless it includes necessary data relating to your previous work experience.
  • As a personal data subject you have the following rights: (a) to update and to have access to your personal data, b) to correct your personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete, c) delete your personal data, to the extent permitted by the Law, d) to restrict the processing of your personal data, to the extent permitted by the Law, e) to request transfer of your personal data, f) to forbid the processing, which may be in the form of withdrawal of your consent, g) to submit complaint to Supervisory Authorities ( if you believe that your rights for the protection of your personal data have been compromised. It goes without saying that the processing of your personal data on behalf of the Company that took place before the withdrawal of consent can not be affected.


For any queries or questions regarding all of the above, please contact us electronically via e-mail [email protected] or send us a letter to P. Tsaldari & Zaimi 2, Melissia 15127.