EYDAP S.A. chose myData Connector by Epsilon Net Group

Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP S.A.), the largest company of its kind in Greece, trusted Data Communication, a member of Epsilon Net Group, and Deloitte, a leading global provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax and related services, to implement the innovative SaaS solution, myData Connector, certified by Microsoft. The project aimed at the connection of EYDAP ERP system with myDATA platform , i.e. the Public Revenue Authority’s digital platform (gr AADE) in the context of the compliance with AADE regulations.


MyData Connector is a middleware tool between any ERP system and myDATA platform, that fully automates the daily transmission of Revenue/Expenses transactions to myDATA platform. A quick to implement and easy to use solution designed to help every business, receiving a wide response in multinational enterprises of the Greek market. MyData Connector offers Optimal eBook management through a central, unified system, without requiring any changes to your ERP system, more specifically to • Existing Chart of Accounts • Suppliers/Customers master data • Document Entries. Data Communication, member of Epsilon Net Group and strategic partner of Microsoft since 2004, has incorporated in myData Connector its 33-year expertise in delivering solutions tailored to Greek accounting and business practices.


Following the implementation of the SaaS solution myData Connector, EYDAP S.A. fully covers its needs:

  1. Increase key users’ productivity by an easy, flexible, adoptable middleware
  2. Save time and effort by the minimum time of initialization and immediate deployment
  3. Benefit from optimal eBook management via a centralized, unified system
  4. Minimize TCO, by avoiding costly upgrades of the existing ERP and infrastructure costs and securing instant compliance with IPRA requirements via always updated releases.


Epsilon Net Group Integrator Solutions Business Development Manager, Elena Andreou, said: "In the midst of a pandemic we immediately responded to the needs that arose in the context of business compliance with AADE e-Books, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and our expanded experience in the Greek economy. As a result, we were ready in June 2020 with myData Connector, an innovative SaaS solution that does not disturb the smooth running of the business, while ensuring a significant reduction in investment costs and time savings for our customers. We are very happy that EYDAP S.A., the largest water supply company in Greece, trusted our technologically advanced solution, myData Connector, to comply with myDATA platform easily, on time, with low cost and maximum security".

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