WinEra ERP

Comprehensive ERP system with expanded capabilities, fully in compliance with AADE myDATA platform!

Accelerate your business growth with WinEra ERP, Data Communication’s integrated Enterprise Resource Management System. With scalable modular structure and expanded capabilities it is the ideal solution for enterprises with complex needs, aiming at full control over their operations and processes. Adapted to the new requirements AADE e-Book keeping, it transmits the data of your documents to the myDATA platform of AADE, easily & quickly without additional management costs. Accompanied by reporting and customization tools, WinEra ERP provides unlimited customization and analysis capabilities.

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Empower your business
Invest in an integrated business management solution. Get the full picture of your business operations, from Economics and Supply Chain to automated document submissions and from Project/Cost Center Management to Import-Export Management. Rethink costs and make more efficient use of resources. Boost productivity and respond promptly to challenges.
Start with the functionality you need

Keep control of your business with a scalable solution, fully customizable and open to future extensions. Start with the functionality you need today and gradually add new modules and features. WinEra ERP can be exactly tailored to your business evolving needs.


Simplify your daily tasks

Through a friendly interface, easily personalized menus according to the users’ roles and fast access to information and data, WinEra ERP allows users to instantly familiarize with the system, make full use of functionality and simplify complex tasks.

Make the right decisions

Get comprehensive insight on all business activities, align with everyday operations and offer real-time information to decision-makers. WinEra ERP delivers a great variety of ready reports, incorporated tools for customized reporting, and the capability to interface with Business Intelligence Systems (BI).

Feel safe

Ensure that your business data with be kept confidential with a fully reliable security system, in full compliance with the GDPR regulation. WinEra ERP uses modern data encryption methods. At the same time, capabilities such as setting of multiple role based access levels and change tracking history ensure that your sensitive data is kept safe and confidential.

Leverage 24x7 support

Take advantage of our award-winning “360o Customer Care” policy. Use the multiple support and service channels we deliver to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get to know your software’s full capabilities using rich educational & support material, through automatic connection to the Data Communication’s site.


Dynamic dashboards

Leverage from dynamic dashboards available on the main screen. Track any time your finance, your warehouse, customer and suppliers, or any other data you want. Draw useful conclusions, reducing complexity. 

Real time data

Moreover, leverage WinEra ERP’s integration capability with Business Intelligence (BI) systems and take insights that go beyond standard reporting. Visualize your data and give decision makers a real-time picture of your business.

Bidirectional interaction with AADE & other state institutions

Reduce complexity! Connect bidirectional with AADE and other state institutions. Draw and send data directly through the program in a minimum of time. Transfer the data of your documents to the myDATA platform of AADE, easily, quickly and with absolute reliability. Take advantage of a full range of built-in WinEra features for managing / submitting your business data online.

Connection to e-shop

Benefit from a dynamic online store and manage from your back office system all the products to be displayed along with your promotion activities. Fully manage online orders and automatically transfer all items to your system.

Remote Communication

Leverage the capability of directional data exchange between Headquarters and Branches. Contact remote locations (customers - partners - vendors). Speed up processes and reduce costs.


Benefit from WinEra ERP’s integration capability with popular mobile ordering and pricing systems.  Give your partners the ability to work from anywhere, at any time, to better meet your customers’ needs.

Integration with POS systems

Upgrade your business by integrating WinEra ERP with popular Retail systems. Follow up your company's cash event and Sales. Reduce time and cost of managing your orders, while  you are improving your customer service and customer experience.

Immediate installation & operation

Start any time with the new system without disturbing your business flow. Take advantage of WinEra’s capability to be installed any time during the fiscal year and its immediate operation without requiring any customization. Save time with the automatic data migration from the existing software.

Installation best for you

Choose the installation that suits your needs. WinEra ERP is available on premise and with annual rental subscription (Rent a WinEra).





WinEra ERP

Empower your business now! Invest in an integrated ERP system! Flexible, user-friendly, instant-on and with unlimited customization capabilities, WinEra ERP helps you meet every challenge.


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