Professional Services

Professional Services

The best software solution for service providers and freelancers

Professional Services is the best software solution for service providers and freelancers. An important tool to doctors, dentist, lawyers, engineers and companies that regularly and/ορ periodically invoice their customers, such as tutorials, lift maintainers, small security companies, clubs. Professional Services combines full functionality with speed and flexibility.

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Professional Services
Ease of use

Take advantage of the friendly environment, the ability to create personalized menus and screens, and speed up your registrations. Give your office or business users the ability to instantly handle the application without requiring time-consuming training or specialized knowledge.



Simplify your daily financial and commercial transactions. Deliver your documents electronically easily and simply. Send e-mails to your customers, update your collections and payments all in one. Get rid of time-consuming processes and focus on your business.

Full functionality at a privileged price

Check the progress of your office or business. Get a full picture of your revenues and expenses. Manage sales and track your customers' balances. Take full advantage of Professional Services by keeping costs low.


24x7 Support

Take advantage of the award-winning 360o Customer Care Service. Take advantage of the multiple support and service channels we provide to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Experience the potential of the software program through rich audiovisual training and support material, being automatically connected to


Direct pricing to multiple customers

Make your daily life easier. Minimize billing time by using Professional Services's unique featurew for massive delivery of documents.

Tasks' automation

Check your commercial and financial processes better and reduce any mistakes. Take advantage of automatic updates of all program features with just one entry and massive entries. Make the right decisions through a plethora of economic and statistical reports. Organize your appointments electronically and watch your pendulums in good time.

Revenue budget

Record the estimated revenue. Keep track of customer balances and improve your liquidity. Use budget data to compare it with actual records. Check your finances better.

Mass entries of customers' collections

Take advantage of the ability to register your customers' collections massively, using a handy panel. Get rid of time-consuming procedures in order to track your balances.

Management Agreement

Simplify the process of drafting and submitting contracts. Automatically create contracts and keep a trader file.


Alignment with the GDPR

Ensure your customers' sensitive data with an absolutely reliable security system fully aligned with the European General Data Protection Regulation. Take advantage of the possibility of setting multiple levels of access, so that business data is kept absolutely confidential.







Microsoft Dynamics 365 - CRM

Get the full picture of all communication with each of your customers!

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