Pharma CRM Accelerator

Pharma CRM Accelerator
Microsoft Gold Partner

Sales and Marketing automation for the pharmaceutical market

Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, Pharma CRM Accelerator addresses the special needs of the pharmaceutical industry. A flexible, customer-oriented solution incorporating all the necessary tools and rich functionality for the efficient management of sales, marketing and customer service in pharma companies. Available on premise or on cloud. 

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Pharma CRM Accelerator
Microsoft Gold Partner
Top management capabilities

Invest in a trusted solution that ensures top management capabilities for the pharmaceutical industry. From the fully automation of medical visits to upgraded customer services, digital marketing automation, key account management and electronic ordering.

Strategic planning

See your business' full picture. Provide decision makers with comprehensive insight and help them make the right decisions. Use ready-made reports or design reports tailored to your needs. Use the system’s reporting tools, along with Microsoft Power BI's integration capability.

Maximize return on investment (ROI)
  • Strategic investment that contributes to more efficient targeting & utilization of resources
  • Cost rationalization, productivity & profit maximization
Flexible & Scalable

Choose a default templates' solution for immediate deployment, or a solution customized to the way your business work. Start with the functionality you need today and gradually turn on new modules and additional features.

Microsoft familiar interface

Rely on Microsoft's familiar interface to minimize training time and help boost user adoption. Take advantage of advanced user personalization, designed to improve user adoption and ease of access to information. Manage your e-mails, meetings and everyday tasks from a central location, due the solution's inherent integration with Microsoft familiar tools such as Office 365, Excel and Outlook.

On Premise και on Cloud

Ability to install the system within the infrastructure

Maximize ROI

Upgrade your digital infrastructure with a strategic investment that contributes to efficient targeting and rationalization of resources. Rethink costs. Maximize your productivity and profit.

Flexible action planning
  • Ability create meetings in bulk, with default groups, in a automated way, based on rules.
  • Easy-to-use action plan screens from ready-made lists, with visit targets as criteria, hoc groups, marketing campaigns,
  • Protection against programming errors and avoid discrepancies between different user programs.
Upgrade support services
  • Centralized management and effective monitoring of all support issues, from their initial recording to their final resolution.
  • Customized customer assessment and targeting per job and product line
  • Creation of specialized questionnaires.
  • Automate inbound marketing actions and create a unique customer image with a history of contacts, communications, participations in various campaigns, etc. 
Communication capabilities
  • Easy and fast interfacing with third-party systems or internal systems that the business uses
  • Full integration with Microsoft applications 
  • Communication with WinEra ERP Business Data Management
  • Connection to call center







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