myData Connector

Connect your ERP to myDATA platform with a cost-effective solution, requiring minimum initialization time

myData Connector is an innovative SaaS solution and middleware tool between an ERP system and myDATA platform, i.e. the Public Revenue Authority’s digital platform (gr AADE). Compatible with any ERP system, easy to use, and always in compliance with current regulations, myData Connector is a flexible web app, designed to help your business successfully comply. Ideal solution for all enterprises operating in Greece.

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Compatible with your existing ERP

Choose an easy to use solution that fully automates the daily transmission of Revenue/Expenses transactions to myDATA platform, while it does not require changes to your existing ERP. Keep working the way you have always done and avoid time-consuming changes and additional costs. myData Connector is compatible with any 3rd party ERP having, thus, no need of costly upgrades to later versions, or changes of the existing business procedures.

Immediate deployment - Minimum initialization time

Leverage myData Connector’s quick deployment for a fast ROI, and keep focusing on what really matters for your business performance without disturbing the daily flow. MyData Connector requires minimum initialization time, permitting a fully automated, multi company eBook management via a centralized, unified system. Moreover, its familiar, easy to manage Interface reduces learning curve and increases user adaption.

Optimal eBook management without changes to your ERP

Benefit from Data Communication’s extensive expertise in delivering accounting solutions for the Greek market and ensure a full range of functions needed for optimal eBook management. Keep your ERP’s chart of Accounts, as well as the existing way of posting your documents. Free up time by reducing the time needed for data entries, transmit data in bulk and use automated functions, such as Master Data characterization. Manage eBooks easily and make informed decisions, based on direct visibility through dashboards and reports.

SaaS solution

Comply with tax legislation by keeping costs low. myData Connector is a flexible solution on Microsoft Azure, compatible with any ERP system, requiring no investment in hardware or infrastructure, minimizing total TCO. Moreover, it has a scalable licensing policy based on the number of transactions being processed and stored at myDATA platform, allowing your company to save on multiple costly upgrades.

Premium protection on Microsoft Azure

Fulfill your company’s accounting obligations with premium protection based on Microsoft Azure standards. Run your business with a solution leveraging the latest security tools, advanced protocols and robust backup and data recovery procedures. Rely on Microsoft’s cutting-edge Security Policy to transmit Revenue/Expenses transactions to myDATA platform with high security. 

Always in compliance

Work easier and worry less by ensuring timely and valid updates in an often-changing tax environment. New updates are automatic on Azure, not requiring user’s involvement, and always in alignment with Greek legislation & Best Greek Business practices. 







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