Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM)

Dynamics CRM 365

Smart Customer Relationship Management

Focus on your clients! Invest in a high-trust relationship! Available in the Dynamics 365 suite, Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM) enables you to have the full picture of the communication with your customers, from the first contact to after-sales service. Upgrading customer service and boosting sales through targeted and cost-effective marketing campaigns the solution adapts to the needs of every business size and is available on cloud or on premise. 

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Dynamics CRM 365
Top management capabilities

Invest in an easy to use and flexible solution that assures full functionality for your business sales needs. From the automated and centralized management of all support issues to the enhancement of the Sales Department, the implementation and evaluation of targeted marketing campaigns and upgraded customer support services.

Strategic planning

See your business' full picture. Provide decision makers with comprehensive insight and help them make the right decisions. Use ready-made reports or design reports tailored to your needs. Use the system’s reporting tools, along with Microsoft Power BI's integration capability.


Use all your organizations’ data and systems. Unify processes and internal systems. Connect to call center. Transfer data from third party systems. Benefit from the system’s full integration with Microsoft apps (Office, SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics NAV), as well with Data Communication’s WinEra ERP. 

Flexible and scalable

Choose a default templates' solution for immediate deployment, or a solution customized to the way your business work. Start with the functionality you need today and gradually turn on new modules and additional features.

Maximize ROI

Upgrade your organisation's digital infrastructure with a strategic investment that contributes to efficient targeting and rationalization of resources. Reduce costs. Maximize your productivity and profit.

On premise and on cloud

Select the deployment that is best for you. The system can be deployed in a traditional “on Premise” environment within your organization's infrastructure or on Microsoft's data centers. Access your data through  Web or Mobile client (iOS, android, windows), anytime, from any device.

Microsoft familiar interface

Rely on Microsoft's familiar interface to minimize training time and help boost user adoption. Benefit from personalized screens based on user role and personalized data views. Manage your e-mails, meetings and everyday tasks from a central location, due the solution's inherent integration with Microsoft familiar tools such as Office 365, Excel and Outlook.

Real-time reports

Gain useful insights from your data with real-time Microsoft Power BI reports. Benefit from the high reliability of financial statements and improve the accuracy of financial forecasts.


Rely on a maximum security platform in full compliance with the European GDPR regulation and a unique Microsoft security approach. Feel safe that your business data will remain confidential.







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