Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft’s Human Capital Management system that enables your HR team to find, hire, onboard, and retain talented people who can deliver impactful results

Incorporating integrated functionality and innovative features, Dynamics 365 Human Resources allows your HR team to design the recruitment process, target top candidates and offer personalized pre-boarding, welcome and onboarding experience. At the same time, it accelerates the time to productivity during the first crucial months of the new hires and enables HR Teams, as well as people managers, to precisely monitor their employees’ development enhancing performance. The solution is suitable for companies and organizations that want to upgrade their digital infrastructure, while aiming at aligning the HR Department with a high-performance business strategy that simultaneously moderates risks and reduces costs.


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Take steps towards digital transformation

Benefit from an innovative HCM system that offers HR professionals all the tools they need to align with the requirements of an increasingly complex work environment. Start with the functionality you need today and gradually turn on new modules and additional features. Use Attract for the entire management of the Hiring process and Onboard to personalize Welcome, Onboarding and Training processes. Finally, use Core for the integrated management of employee’s Performance, Assessment and Development.

Offer a unique hiring experience

Rethink your HR processes, align with the needs of a global, digital workplace. Adopt innovative tools to find and attract top candidates. Transform the traditional recruitment process into an exciting experience. Benefit from online communication channels, connect all members involved in the recruitment process and enable them to communicate easily and effectively. Accelerate new candidate pipelines and reduce attract and recruitment time.

Accelerate new team member integration

Make new hires feel welcome, connected, and successful. Help them to integrate quickly into the organization by giving personalized guidance. Ensure that new employees stay focused on impactful priorities with defined roles, responsibilities and objectives.

Accelerate training

Offer new team members the opportunity to focus on their performance and achieve productive results soon. Boost profitability during the first crucial months of new hires through the share of documents, contacts and resources. Create educational milestones and task lists. Set clear goals and monitor progress. 

Put people at the center

Take advantage of Dynamics 365 Human Resources Core module to create a flexible workplace that encourages interaction between organization and employees. Empower your employees’ personal development, increase satisfaction, reward their performance and take prompt action when needed. Provide your HR team and the line managers with innovative tools enabling them to better guide their people and enhance professional development by creating channels of continuous feedback, monitoring performance and offering clear guidelines.

Maximize ROI

Transform your HR Department’s digital infrastructure and empower a high-performing employee culture. Optimize workforce costs, deliver business impact, and drive an agile, high-performance culture through effective programs and streamlined processes. Benefit from automated workflows, integrated channels and result driven tools that improve human resource planning, create added business value and minimize staff turnover. 


ATTRACT – Reimagine the hiring processes

Benefit from Dynamics 365 for Talent seamless integration with LinkedIn Recruiter to find top talents. Create candidate profiles and search them through keywords & suggestions. Submit test and evaluation documents, while tracking their progress/completion. Connect everyone involved in the recruitment process without introducing bias. Benefit from the Interview Scheduler to manage calendars, schedule appointments and optimize communication with candidates. Easily create ratings and feedback, while sending them to candidates through multiple devices (tablet, mobile).

ONBOARD – Tailor Onboard process to your needs

Offer your new employees the ability to focus on their performance and become productive right away. Automate the entire onboarding process and tailor it to your organization needs. Take advantage of the ability to create personalized pre-boarding and onboarding experience. Create guide templates for different roles that can be replicated as you build your team. Easily share the necessary documents, contacts and procedures. Create milestones & task lists and track progress and completion.

CORE – Empower your HR team

Simplify the process of recording and monitoring Leaves and Absences. Manage accurately your employee benefits. Reduce reporting complexities and get a clear picture of your HR data through a rich collection of standard and customized reports.  Bring them to life with rich dashboards available on any device. Use the Employee Self Service portal for advanced capabilities regarding everyday issues. Benefit from real-time dashboards for employee efficiency and career development (e.g. obtaining a new certification).

CORE – Enhance employee performance

Offer your employees real-time visibility into how their work impacts the organization through performance journals, feedback, and collaborative goal management. View real-time performance dashboards. Reward high performance or take corrective action on time. Turn performance into a daily, bidirectional conversation that leads to satisfied employees and supervisors.

CORE - Empower your employees career path

Monitor and ensure the necessary training and certifications for your employees. Identify their educational needs and give them opportunities for further education and development, supporting their progress. Guide your employees through specialized training and suggest ways of professional development.

CORE – Make the right decisions

Optimize your HR design, using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent flexible reporting tools, reducing complexity and costs. Convert your data into useful insight and make the right strategic decisions. Take advantage of the seamless integration with Microsoft Power BI and move beyond standard HR reports. Transform, analyze and visualize real-time data through advanced dashboards available on any device. Take advantage of advanced integration capabilities with third party systems to keep track of the impact on your organization's business design from anywhere and from any device.

CORE - Optimize procedures

Easily create and manage the core functions of Human Resources department, including employee and organization management, benefit and compensation management, training and performance evaluation, employee development and business processes management.

Dynamics 365 Human Resourses

Microsoft’s HCM system offers a unique experience throughout your employees entire working journey -from Job publications and interview scheduling, to welcome onboard, time to productivity and professional development in the organization 

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