The Remote Working tool that brings your office everywhere!

Work At home, in hotel, in public transport, at customer’s premises, at the branch. DC-VPN is a remote communication service that allows you to securely access your files and business apps and work from any place, anytime! A simple Internet connection is enough.

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Easy Access from Everywhere

Contact your office with a service very simple in use. Get synchronized and work on your files, or the business applications used by your company. DC-VPN allows you to connect to any Windows program you or your customers use, from any manufacturer. Login with any device connected to the Internet (PC, LapTop, PDA, Thin Clients, etc.) and a local user’s speed.

Boosted Productivity

Improve communication and speed up your day-to-day business processes. Give your executives, who are often out of office, the opportunity to synchronize and catch up with what is going on in their absence. Empower your sellers who want to processes orders or learn more about a customer. Give your employees the opportunity to work remotely from alternative or safer environments. Boost your business productivity and ability to adapt

Reduced Cost

Invest in a service that requires minimal installation cost and a simple Internet connection. Reduce the cost of hardware infrastructure by replacing your network PCs with thin clients connected to the server. Reduce costs even further by cutting down the not necessary commuting, and the daily operating expenses of your office.


Choose the VPN service that works for your business needs. Start with the no of connections you need today and gradually add more capabilities. DC-VPN provides:
• up to 5 terminal connections
• up to 32 terminal connections
• server Connection and up to 3 simultaneous users

Protection & Speed

Ensure your business sensitive data with a completely reliable, secure service encrypting your online id, transmitting only images not data. Enjoy α fast connection, without restrictions, controlled access via Soft-VPN Client and Encryption 256 Bit.







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