DC Tax4all

DC Tax4all

Innovative cloud app that web scraps and updates your customers’ tax and insurance data

Do you want to simplify your everyday work? Do you want to spend less time updating your customers AADE, EFKA and GEMI info? DC Tax4all, Data Communication's innovative cloud app, interacts directly with Revenue Authorities and Social Insurance websites and web scraps all data an accountant manages daily. At the same time, it sends automatically bulk updates to clients, via email, SMS or Viber no matter of your accounting software.

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DC Tax4all
Reducing Cost

Take a first step towards the digital tranformation of your accounting business. Work easier with an innovative app based on Microsoft Azure, that fully automates time-consuming tasks an accoumtant manages daily. Engage your employees in more productive tasks. 

Time Saving

Αutomate your daily tasks and get immediately all tax and insurance data you manage for your customers. For even better results leverage DC Tax4all capability to web scrap and send data in bulk, via e-mail, sms or viber; or schedule automated repetitive tasks, without your own involvement.

Automated bulk e-mails

Interact automatically with revenue authorities & social insurance websites. Send in bulk:

  • Tax Declaration forms Ε1, Ε2, Ε3, Ε9, Ν, F2, EN.F.I.A.
  • Income Tax Statement
  • Tax debts & regulation statements
  • Vehicle Report and Vehicle Circulation Fees
  • Declaration of  insurance payments
  • Insurance debts & regulation statements
  • Working Periodical Statements 
  • Provisional Statements of all kinds of withholding taxes
  • General registry fees 
E-mail, SMS or Viber messages

Leverage from DC Tax4all capability to integrate with e-mail, SMS and Viber and send messages to your customers. Just activate SMS/Viber messaging service and send messages to your customers either in bulk or individually or in your own customer groups, without any restrictions.

Access 24χ7

Work at your office or remotely whenever you want. Collect your customers' data at any time using any device (pc, laptop and tablet).

Competitive Advantage

Boost your professional reputation. Offer upgraded services to your customers by adopting innovative tools that enhance your credibility, and gain the competitive advantage.

Revenue Statements & Requests

Work easier! Leverage DC Tax4all capability to interact with revenue authorities and social insurance websites to webscrap, view and send:

  • Taxpayer ID data
  • Tax Declaration forms Ε1, Ε2, Ε3, Ε9, Ν, F2, EN.F.I.A, Income Tax Statement
  • Income Tax Correction Declarations
  • Tax debts & regulation statements
  • Submission of new Tax Regulation Requests 
  • TAXISnet payments
  • Vehicle Report and Vehicle Circulation Fees
  • TAXISnet lottery results
  • Tax Prospects
  • Provisional Statements of all kinds of withholding taxes
Insurance Statements & Requests

Interact automatically with social insurance websites. Webscrab, view or send:

  • Insurance prospects
  • Insurance debts & payments
  • General registry certificates and requests
  • Declaration of  insurance payments
  • Insurance payment notes 
  • General Registry fees 

Upgrade your office services by keeping costs low. DC Tax4all works with any 3rd party accounting software. It is a SaaS solution, requiring no investment in equipment or infrastructure. It is automatically upgraded on cloud, without requiring the user's engagement and installation of new releases.

Secure & Complying

Ensure your customers' sensitive data with a high trusted security system, developed by Microsoft Azure and fully compliant with the European GDPR regulation. Ensure your data even more by leveraging  the solution's capability to create users, with specific access and admin rights per customer-company or per role. 






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