DC Link

Cloud service that enables data exchange between retail businesses and accounting offices

The DC Link service is based on real-time data exchange between the company's interconnected cash system and Academia Financials software. The service is implemented through the DC Link4all cloud platform and is provided in cooperation with RBS Cash System Management.

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DC Link4all

DC Link4all targets retail business and accounting firms using the Academia Financials accounting software. DC Link4all enables the two-way communication between the retailer and the accountant. The accountant draws real time data from the company's cash system, whereas the company users gains access to synchronized financial reports any time they want.

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DC Cloud Accounting | Accounting Software |

DC Link4you

Data Communication’s cloud service DC Link4you targets accountants using Academia Financials accounting software. It enables accountants to automatically update “Z-Reports” from their customer's RBS cash systems and creates accounting entries at Academia Financials. The service does not provide remote communication between the company’s users and the company’s cash system, as well as sending financial reports from the accountant to the company.  

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DC Cloud Accounting | Accounting Software |

DC Scan

Αrtificial intelligence service that recognizes scanned invoices and automatically creates accounting entries.


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Premium HRM web ΕRGANI

Web application to connect automatically to the software system ERGANI & change instantly the working hours.

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WinEra ERP

Take control of your business and meet every business challenge! WinEra ERP is an integrated Operational Resources Management System with expanded capabilities to meet today's and future needs of a growing business. Structured in individual modules, it is the ideal solution for both enterprises with complex needs and standardized operational requirements.


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