METRO S.A chose myData Hub by Epsilon Net Group

METRΟ S.A, one of the largest companies active in the retail and trade of food in the Greek market, trusted myData Hub, the innovative SaaS solution designed to help your business successfully comply with myDATA platform , i.e. the Public Revenue Authority’s digital platform (gr AADE) in the context of the compliance with AADE regulations. MyData Hub has been designed by Epsilon Net Group, a leader in the IT industry, and Invoice Hub, founded by ELMI Systems, OTS and High Technology.


MyData Hub application is a middleware tool between any ERP system and myDATA platform, allowing every business, regardless of size and industry, to comply quickly, easily, with low cost, and the best user experience, through a friendly environment.

Following the implementation of the SaaS solution myData Hub, METRO S.A. fully covers its needs: 1) Increase key users’ productivity by an easy, flexible, adoptable middleware 2) Save time and effort by the minimum time of initialization and immediate deployment 3) Benefit from optimal eBook management via a centralized, unified system 4) Minimize TCO, by avoiding costly upgrades of the existing ERP and infrastructure costs and securing instant compliance with IPRA requirements via always updated releases.


In the context of digital transformation, METRO S.A. decided to take the next step, choosing a dynamic and flexible solution, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and the expanded experience of a leader in the IT industry and the Greek Economy, Epsilon Net Group. This option secures the smooth running of the business, as via myData Hub part transferred documents METRO S.A. General Directorate of Financial Services of METRO SA is easily transferred to myDATA platform.


The Epsilon Net Group, meeting the demands of METRO SA, which performs millions of transactions on an annual basis, is constantly upgrading myData Hub functions and modules, in order to effectively support future requirements such as i) Conversion of Income-Expenses’ records, ii) Sending Income Documents and Characteristics to myDATA platform, iii) Receiving and Assigning Expenses from myDATA, iv) Sending Income Documents and Characteristics to myDATA, v) Clear understanding and view of "orphan" documents by each side and vi) data export.

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