Koskinidis Packaging

Packaging Manufacturer, designing and manufacturing top quality folding cartons for consumer products, specialized in RFID technology

The company

Koskinidis Packaging was founded in 1922 and is a leading, purely Greek, paper and graphic art packaging industry with a leading position in its field and commitment to quality, competitiveness and technological excellence.


The company continually invests in the improvement of its products and the application of new cutting-edge technologies that effectively contribute to the upgrading of its operation and the excellent service of its customers, which are consumer products' industries.

Business challenge

In the context of the overall redesign and optimization of its business processes, Koskinidis Packaging sought a partner for the upgrading of the existing information system for the management of operational resources. Specifically, aiming at the full and timely monitoring of the critical parameters for the proper and productive operation of all the departments of the company, Koskinidis Packaging set the following objectives:

  • Technological upgrade of the current Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation to take advantage of the rich capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016
  • Timely and smooth compliance of the business with the applicable legal framework
  • Monitor the process of predicting a new product
  • Accurate cost-per-unit view
  • Ability to identify variations in the cost of the produced item in relation to budget data

The solution

To meet the above requirements, Koskinidis Packaging selected Data Communication as a reliable partner with long experience in the implementation of corresponding projects.
The solution utilized the various capabilities offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 along with the best business practices embedded in the Data Communication solution through InnovEra functionality.
In particular, the following were implemented:
  • Full redesign of the implementation for the monitoring of trade, financial management, the accounting-by-phase-costing of production of the products as well as the capture of the cost of production in progress
  • Development of additional functionality to automate the monitoring of the prediction process and the quality control of the production process
  • Imprinting production records in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to capture the actual cost per production unit at the end of each cost period
  • Exploit Microsoft Dynamics NAV inventory replenishment functionality


  • More efficient customer service and improved collaboration experience
  • Optimal inventory management
  • Direct and accurate information on critical business indicators for administrative decisions, such as:
  1. Cost of production per sale order
  2. Mark-up or margin per product
  3. Identifying cost differences (in terms of budget) of specific producers
  4. Identifying cost components that increase the final cost of the production


Microsoft Dynamics NAV - InnovEra

The Greek localized version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018. Incorporating rich functionality, necessary to meet the best practices of Greek enterprises. For large & mid-sized companies.


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